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A.V. Club on Why to Watch HUMANS; Den of Geek Views New Season’s World

This week, A.V. Club explains why you should be watching HUMANS, while Den of Geek takes a look at the new Season 3 world. Plus, has a preview for the next episode. Read on for more:

A.V. Club recommends watching HUMANS because “Gemma Chan is just one of multiple breakouts in the cast” and because the show is “resonant and relevant, but its exploration of the definition of humanity and what rights are afforded to those deemed human is handled more elegantly than most.”

Den of Geek has a feature where Sam Vincent, Jonathan Brackley, Derek Wax and Vicki Delow discuss “the new world inhabited by conscious androids known as synths and how the returning cast will interact with the new additions.” watches an Episode 2 sneak peek, which “reaffirms that most of the major players will survive tonight’s events. Though, that’s not to say it will be smooth sailing from here on out, as Mattie and Niska deal with an injured Leo, and Agnes continues to cause trouble for the peace-seeking Max.”

TV Insider interviews Bella Dayne, who explains, “Astrid definitely is the one for Niska. Though, with someone who has experienced so much pain as Niska has and who has had so much hatred for humans beforehand, it is a slow process to unwind that.”

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