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How a Synth Child Could Change Everything for Karen and Pete

In Episode 6 of HUMANS, the secret of the Seraphim is revealed: synthetic children could be the next big thing. “The reveal of the Seraphim, the child Synths, was always going to be a massive turning point in the series,” co-creator and executive producer Sam Vincent says. “The idea for it came from the natural extension of ‘Where would Synths go next?’ If they were real, what would people be doing next? We thought there would be this great desire and demand to have ones that look and act like children. We also thought back in [Season] 1 that this was something that would probably be viewed as rather taboo and problematic and taboo and against the law — and it is all of those things. Nevertheless, people are pushing the boundaries.”

Though it’s a moral gray area, Marshall Allman, who portrays Milo, doesn’t think it’s as taboo and nefarious as people make it out to be. “Milo wants to make the world a better place. He realizes that the potential for synthetics to not just serve mankind and be these elevated servants, but also to heal mankind,” he says. “Every visionary that comes up with a solution seems odd at first until we can’t imagine things the way they used to be.”

Go Inside Episode 6 With the Cast and Creators

When the Seraph, Sam, comes into Karen and Pete’s lives, it changes everything. “We were able to explore what that means to Karen and Pete,” explains co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Brackley. “Karen, whose deep-seated maternal feelings were probably programmed into her a long time ago, now these come flooding back to her when she sees Sam the Seraph, so that was always something we intended from the start – to allow the Seraph be a crucial part of Karen and Pete’s storyline.” Adds Vincent: “Really it kind of encapsulates the theme of [Season] 2, which is, just how far will we let this technology go? Just how close can we get to it? Just how human will we let it become?”

At the same time, the series explores the effect Synths are having on human children, as the Hawkins family deals with Sophie’s burgeoning habit of acting like a Synth. “Sophie’s having a really tough time. She can’t snap out of behaving like a synthetic, and it becomes something she feels she has to do day after day after day,” says Tom Goodman-Hill, who plays Joe. “It really disturbs Joe and Laura, and Joe in particular tries to sort of knock her out of it, trying not to let her get into these patterns that are destroying her creativity.”

Joe hopes that staging a food fight will knock Sophie out of her emotionless funk — and it certainly went over well with the cast. “Oh my goodness, that was very, very fun. There were eggs everywhere and Tom tipped a box of Rice Krispies in my hair,” Pixie Davies says. Goodman-Hill agrees: “Properly good fun… no acting at all in that food fight. I was just having the time of my life.”

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