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A.V. Club Cheers Gemma Chan; Vulture‘s Take on HUMANS Theme

This week, A.V. Club is impressed by Gemma Chan, while Vulture discusses the theme of HUMANS. Plus, Episode 6 wins kudos from Digital Spy. Read on for more:

A.V. Club applauds Gemma Chan, who “has done some amazing work creating two distinct characters, with different voices and movements. More than anyone else, she’s been required to switch between two personas, which she’s done with aplomb.”

• Reviewing Episode 5, Vulture writes that HUMANS is “showing how the continued presence of highly advanced androids and their burgeoning consciousness affects humanity from a multitude of angles — politically, personally, judicially.”

Digital Spy has high praise for Episode 6: “A rewarding hour, this latest HUMANS is as touching as it is imaginative – adept as ever at finding the emotional truth in big sci-fi concepts.”

• “The ease with which Synths can be manipulated, either by direct reprogramming or old-fashioned verbal deceit and their capacity for deployment as an unwitting global surveillance network means that the promised assault on the silo, as well as its aftermath, is unlikely to go as planned,” Den of Geek says while discussing Episode 6.

Den of Geek, Digital Spy and TV Fanatic also have recaps of Episode 5.

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