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How Do You Prove a Robot Has Feelings? – Watch Episode 3 Now

After a judge grants Laura 72 hours to prove that Niska is a thinking, feeling Synth, Niska must undergo rigorous assessments to prove her consciousness. But how do you measure a machine’s capacity to feel with stimuli tests designed for humans? Could Niska’s case be over before it even begins?

Watch Episode 3 Now

Meanwhile, Leo, Max and Hester make the decision to flee their safehouse after the threat of discovery seems imminent. However, Mia decides to stay behind and confess her feelings for Ed. But will he even agree to see her again?

Elsewhere, Pete and Karen question a hacker in connection to a stolen Synth, perhaps stepping closer to the next big discovery in human-Synth crime. And, after taking her research to England, Athena tracks down a familiar face to help her learn more about the potential for conscious synthetics. But will her source be able to help?

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