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Go Inside the “Archetypally Human” Love Story of Man and Robot

Though you might not have ever predicted it, Pete has really settled into his relationship with Karen in Season 2 of HUMANS. “Something which would have been seen as almost absurd or even grotesque in [Season 1] has become for Pete something quite normal,” executive producer Derek Wax says in this behind-the-scenes look inside Episode 2. “He’s in love with Karen. It feels like an archetypal human story.”

And yet, the differences between Pete and his Synth lover seem to be weighing on Karen: They can’t share a meal together, can’t have kids together, can’t grow old together. “We’re trying to find the line that can’t be crossed,” says co-creator and executive producer Sam Vincent.

Go Inside Episode 2 With the Cast and Creators

Additionally, the cast and creators examine how Joe and Laura are trying to heal their fractured relationship in Season 2. On deciding to frame the marriage counseling scenes with a synthetic counselor, writer Vincent says “it raises that question that we always try to raise in HUMANS, of ‘Is this possible? Would it be possible for a machine to help you with your emotional life?'”

Though Joe and Laura share some tender moments so far this season and are making an effort to support on another, their worldviews are shifting. “[Laura] becomes more and more preoccupied with saving Synths,” Wax says. “And Joe becomes more preoccupied with trying to keep the children away from a world that’s been dominated by Synths.” Adds Tom Goodman-Hill, who plays Joe: “They’re going to be living in a world where synthetics are — in all likelihood — conscious, powerful, extremely strong beings, and it scares him.”

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