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Gemma Chan on Synth Acting; Guardian Spotlights Katherine Parkinson

This week, Gemma Chan discusses acting like a synth with Radio Times, while The Guardian spotlights Katherine Parkinson. Plus, Parkinson teases Season 2. Read on for more:

• Gemma Chan talks to Radio Times about acting like a synth: “These robots run on battery power, so every movement has to be efficient as any extraneous movement would use up excess power. That’s where you get the shrewdness and the grace of the basic synth movement.”

The Guardian spotlights Katherine Parkinson, who said she almost turned down Humans because she’d just given birth: “In my head I was going to have a lovely six months lying in bed and eating cereal with my baby. Then I read the script.”

• Teasing Season 2, Katherine Parkinson tells Express, “All I can say is that I’ve been so impressed by the direction they’ve taken it and what sort of direction they’re going to take it in and I’ve been surprised and really delighted.”

• Sam Palladio teases to Zimbio, “Get ready to see me in the second season of Humans on AMC, coming soon.”

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