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NY Times on hitchBOT “Death”; A.I. Arms Race Concerns

This week, The New York Times reports on the demise of a hitchhiking robot, while concerns are raised about an artificial intelligence arms race. Plus, Popular Science looks at A.I.’s role in medical treatments. Read on for more:

The New York Times reports that a hitchhiking robot, which made it safely through several countries, “met a brutal demise in a Philadelphia alley.”

NPR explores the idea of “an A.I. arms race, countries weaponizing the technology for high-tech combat,” an issue that’s of concern to Stephen Hawking, Noam Chomsky and Steve Wozniak, among others. Bloomberg and the Associated Press have more on the issue.

Popular Science discusses how A.I. will “hopefully one day be able to identify the unique characteristics an individual has that could lead to certain diseases, and how to treat them.”

• With machines likely to take over 47 percent of today’s jobs within a few decades, The Atlantic reports that “jobs performed primarily by women are relatively safe, while those typically performed by men are at risk.”

Forbes points out that “it’s not just low-skilled workers that are going to be affected by the rise of autonomous agents, it’s also the management that is at risk.”

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