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Explore the Ethical and Moral Questions of HUMANS With the Good Men Project

How will artificial intelligence change the way we live, especially if it looks just like us? How do we frame ethical and moral consequences when dealing with technology?

In four blog posts, The Good Men Project addresses some of the deep societal issues that could effect our world if Synths – the highly advanced machines that look exactly like people in AMC’s new drama HUMANS – were a reality:

Could a Race of Highly Intelligent Robots Teach Us About Our Own Prejudices?
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Do Androids Dream of Informed Consent?
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Could a Robot Make Your Relationship Better?
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Synthetic Love: Can a Human Fall in Love With a Robot?
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During the week of June 21 to June 28, fans are encouraged to post their thoughts on The Good Men Project site – in fact, one lucky commentor will receive $2,500 for their response. For more information about their sweepstakes campaign, click here.

The Good Men Project is a community of 21st Century thought leaders exploring the world of men and manhood, tackling the issues and questions of men’s roles in modern life.

HUMANS premieres Sunday, June 28 at 9/8c.

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