Season 3, Episode 8

Episode 8

In a dramatic showdown, Mia, Max and the synths go into battle with humans; Laura, Niska and Mattie face monumental and life-changing decisions.

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Full Recap

Niska awakens in the cabin in the woods after charging. Odi explains that he is no longer Odi but rather V, the A.I. program designed by Dr. Athena Morrow. Although she "knew everything," she "felt nothing" until Day Zero, when she felt the pain of millions of Synths as they became conscious ñ Odi in particular. Odi could not bear to be awake again and gave his body as a vessel in exchange for V permanently removing his consciousness. When Niska responds angrily to news of Odi's death, V says she is glad she "chose" Niska.

Laura Hawkins, Neha Patel and Mia meet secretly to discuss Operation Basswood. Laura warns Mia to get to the railyard quickly and warn the others. Laura tells Neha they need evidence of Basswood.

Neha is escorted to a power station to meet with the Commission. She turns her phone's audio recorder on and hides it in her pocket.

At the railyard, the Green Eyes grow weak without the ability to charge after the power failure. Phase One of Basswood is already underway.

At the power station, government minister Alistair Davis announces the next phase, which is to restore the power and ensure the Synths are plugged in before the big power surge of Phase Two.

The power is restored at the railyard.

Alistair surmises the power surge will wipe out 60 to 70 percent of the Synth population and it will be "painless." Phase Three, he explains, will involve anti-Synth groups who have been given permission to destroy any remaining Green Eyes. Neha questions how it can be painless and points out that Synths do feel pain, but her concerns are dismissed.

The Green Eyes start to plug themselves in to charge. Max instructs those with the least power be allowed to charge first. When a Green Eyes objects and says Anatole is the leader, Max reveals he killed Anatole. Leo reveals the truth about David Elster and the creation of Synths to the rest of the Green Eyes.

At the power station, Dr. Neil Sommer looks through the Basswood dossier and sees a photo of Laura. Mia is in the dossier as well. Alistair explains that some public figures need to be "managed" over the next few weeks. Neha speaks out, but is silenced again.

At the cabin, V tells Niska she deleted the consciousness code minutes after Day Zero. Niska balks and accuses V of robbing Synths of a future. V is confident that Synths will endure, but "not in the form you think." The interconnected heart symbol appears on a TV screen.

Mattie meets with an Orange Eyes therapist at an abortion clinic and discloses that Leo has walked away. Mattie admits she's sad and reflects on how she created life before, with the click of a computer key, but it resulted in chaos and destruction. Mattie leaves in a rush while the Orange Eyes registers that Mattie is 57 percent sure she wants to terminate her pregnancy.

The Green Eyes charge at the railyard, including Max, Stanley and Sam.

At the power station, Orange Eyes sit at computers and are instructed to begin implementing the power surges.

At various Synth compounds around the country, charging Green Eyes are overloaded in the power surge and slump over, dead.

Mia rushes to the railyard. With Leo's help, she starts unplugging the Synths. They manage to unplug all of them in time except for one. They watch in horror as Ferdinand is electrocuted to death. His eyes turn white. "It's begun," Mia says.

Max, Mia and Leo make a plan to travel to Norway, where they have rights, before the anti-Synth human mobs come for them. Max orders the Green Eyes to gather their belongings.

The Commission exits the power station. Neil asks Neha if the Green Eyes really feel pain. Neha is abruptly stopped by her Orange Eyes before she can enter her car and her audio recording is revealed. She's taken back inside. Laura watches from a distance.

The Green Eyes start to file out of the railyard, but it's too late. The humans have arrived.

At the Hawkins home, Joe and the kids watch the news. An anchor reports on Green Eyes displaying violent behavior and tells the public they have the right to defend themselves. Sophie asks why they're lying. Laura returns home, teary-eyed.

Neil stops by the Hawkins home with news that Neha has been arrested. He realizes Laura was in on her plan. Neil pushes his way inside. He asks Laura if Green Eyes hurt when they die and reflects on his son's death. He takes out the Basswood dossier and gives it to Laura.

Stanley prepares for a violent face-off with the humans, but Max and Mia call for peace.

Laura sees herself mentioned in the dossier. She plans to take the evidence public. Neil volunteers to do it, but Laura forbids it.

The Green Eyes hide in the railyard. Max warns them not to fight, only to defend. Sam walks off with a piece of metal piping and offers to protect the community. Leo runs off after him.

Sophie smiles reassuringly at Laura as Laura video calls into the news station to give a live interview. Laura shows off the dossier and tells the public how radical groups are attacking innocent Synths at that moment, by order of the government.

A group of mobsters force their way into the railyard. Leo whisks Sam away.

Laura struggles when the news anchor raises doubt over the validity of the dossier. She looks to Neil for help. Neil nods and Laura reveals his involvement in putting together the operation and leaking the document to her. Laura shows a photo of Mia in the dossier, whom the government refers to as a "danger to the status quo."

Mia walks out from her hiding spot and faces the armed mob. Max joins her.

Laura urges the public to stop the attacks at the Synth compounds.

The rest of the Green Eyes follow Mia and stand beside her. Mia tells the humans they want peace and calls one of them "brother." An angry man laments over his job loss due to Synths and swings a bat at Max, who effortlessly defends himself.

Meanwhile, Leo and Sam hide in the railyard while humans survey the place. In their moment alone, Leo gives Sam the note from Joe and instructs him to escape while he creates a distraction. Leo reveals himself to the humans and is attacked. Sam opens the note and sees the drawing of a home that he created with Joe.

Laura warns Neil to leave before the police arrive, but he chooses to stay. Joe and the kids praise Laura for what she's done.

The angry man manages to strike Max in the face, but Max still refuses to fight back. From above, Sam throws a piece of pipe at the man. The humans are shocked to see a Synthetic child. Sam throws another heavy object down at the humans and all of them go full force against the Synths.

Police officers nonchalantly stand outside the railyard. News reporters arrive and rush in with cameras.

Mia looks around at the chaotic scene and spots the news reporters.

At the Commission building, Lord Dryden watches live footage of the fight. He curses when he sees Mia onscreen.

Laura fills Joe in on the children's needs before the cops come to arrest her. Joe assures her he'll handle everything. Mattie tells Laura something is happening on the TV.

Lord Dryden makes a phone call and orders the police officers be sent into the railyard to break up the fight.

Mia extends a hand to the angry man as news reporters record the exchange. Just then, she's cracked in the head with a bat from behind.

The Hawkins watch from home in horror as the attack on Mia plays out on live TV. Toby carries Sophie away. Just then, police arrive at the house.

Mia keeps her hand extended and repeats "peace" as the humans continue to viciously attack her to death. While police officers break up the fight, Mia's green eyes turn white. Within her mind, the last digital pixel goes out.

At the cabin, Niska demands more concrete information from V about her journey. V notes that vengeance no longer satisfies Niska. She offers to share all she knows with Niska and give her the greatest power to save her kind. Niska is fearful, but V insists Niska is the leader the Synths need. Niska says that that's Mia, but V says, ìher life will come to have a different meaning."

Mia sits motionless in Max's arms, her eyes completely white. Leo realizes there's no way to bring her back and cries over her body.

Max carries Mia out of the railyard. The Green Eyes follow. Stanley spots Sam, who stays behind at the railyard.

Sophie worries about Laura. Mattie admits Laura's not coming home for a while, but praises their mom for doing the right thing.

Laura is taken into the police station and charged with treason.

Sophie uncovers Mia's slippers, which she kept from Mia's time as Anita.

Joe, Mattie, Toby and Sophie find Max and the Green Eyes, who have taken to the streets in honor of Mia. They walk together, along with other supporters.

Niska sits with her eyes closed in front of V. Her eyes open and are now purple. Instantly, she realizes Mia is dead. She sees Mia's final moments on the TV. V says Mia's life would always end in sacrifice and asks Niska if she has realized the part she's meant to play. V points out how Leo was able to heal so quickly and explains that a "new form" takes place when conscious Synth blood mixes with human blood. The interconnected hearts symbol flashes on the TV and Niska realizes it's a motherhood knot, depicting the bond between mother and child. "Humans and Synths share the same path now," V explains. "And you shall lead the way."

Max and the others walk to the Commission building and lay Mia's body down. Mattie breaks off from the group.

In the railyard, Stanley finds Sam, who commends Stanley's fighting skills. Stanley says there's no need to fight anymore. They play hide-and-seek together.

Mattie walks into the Commission building. Leo follows and tells her he doesn't want to lose her. Mattie says it's too late.

Sophie cries over Mia's body, now surrounded by candles.

Mattie finds Lord Dryden and pulls out a USB which holds all of the information pertaining to Day Zero. She offers to give it to him so he can have someone to blame for publicity's sake. In exchange, she wants Laura released. Lord Dryden agrees. Just then, Niska walks into the room. Without speaking a word, she nonverbally instructs an Orange Eyes to take the USB from Dryden and escort him out. Niska smiles at Mattie and tells her that her baby is important. Mattie doesn't want to keep it and is going to tell everyone about Day Zero, but Niska stops her. "Your child is unique. The coming together of man and machine. She will change the course of history," says Niska.

Outside, Leo looks up at the Commission building.

Laura is locked inside a cell.

The Hawkins, the Green Eyes and Mia's supporters stand beside Mia's body.

"She is the future of all of us," Niska tells Mattie.