Season 3, Episode 7

Episode 7

Mattie reveals her secret and spurs Laura back into action; Niska's journey takes an unexpected turn; Leo walks into danger at the Railyard.

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Full Recap

Mattie and Leo drive to the Hawkins house in silence after the reveal of Mattie's pregnancy. On the doorstep, Leo says he doesn't think he can be a father and thinks about leaving. Joe opens the door and tells them something has happened. He hurries them inside.

Anatole brings Sam and Stanley back to the railyard. Max privately tells Anatole he knows he was behind Agnes's suicide bombing.

Max tells the other Green Eyes that Anatole was behind the bombings. Anatole deems his actions "self-preservation" and tells the others about how Max kept Leo, a human, at the railyard in secret. Anatole tells the Green Eyes to pick a side. They stand with Anatole.

Mattie and Leo learn about Anatole's earlier visit and Laura's disappearance. Mattie goes out to look for Laura, while Leo prepares to go to the railyard. Joe warns Leo of the dangers, but his mind is made up. Joe gives Leo a note to pass on to Sam.

In a private conversation, Max projects his memories on a screen for Anatole and reveals how conscious Synths were created before Day Zero by David Elster. He also tells him of Leo's true identity as David Elster's son. Max tells him Day Zero was an accident, and Anatole's awakening was merely a side effect of trying to save Mia from dying. Anatole still insists there's "something more." He guesses Max is merely a "final test" of his own conviction and refuses to back down. Stanley suddenly uses a taser on Max, who collapses. Anatole looks at the image of David Elster on the screen and says, "I passed your test." Anatole shuts down Max.

Mattie finds Laura sitting on a bench atop the same hill where Mia first regained consciousness. She comforts Laura and tells her what happened with Anatole wasn't her fault. Laura still feels guilty, but Mattie reminds her of all the work she's done for Synths. After a moment, Mattie reveals she's pregnant. Laura hugs her as she cries.

Mia sits handcuffed in an interrogation room. She tries to tell Lord Dryden about Anatole, but Lord Dryden has no intention of listening to her. Mia realizes he's already decided what will happen to Green Eyes. She stands, but realizes she's being recorded and refuses to become aggressive.

Laura tells Mattie her pregnancy is her choice and offers her support no matter what. Mattie begs Laura not to give up in the fight for Synth rights. Laura plans to somehow stop Operation Basswood.

Niska wakes up in the trunk of Paul's car. He says they're safe for now. Niska wonders why he didn't save the others and chose her. He says "someone else" chose Niska to be saved and says showing her would be easier than explaining it.

Max lies immobile in Anatole's room as Anatole removes Stanley's orange eyes and replaces them with green eyes. Stanley, now wearing regular clothes instead of his Orange Eyes uniform, wonders what the "new world" will be like. Anatole is focused on the continuation of their species and tells Stanley to protect Sam "when the time comes."

Paul drives through the countryside and takes Niska to an art shop in Wales where she spots a painting of the cabin from her vision. A malfunctioning Orange Eyes sits and draws, mouthing words silently. The shop owner explains that the Synth went missing in the hills and "hasn't been the same since." When the shop owner turns the Synth's sound back on, the malfunctioning Synth utters Niska's name and a jumbled message about the hilltop.

Laura goes to the Commission, but isn't allowed inside the conference room. She sees Lord Dryden and Neil inside.

In the car, Paul says he thinks the malfunctioning Synth was passing along an invitation to Niska to find the cabin. Niska thinks it could have also been a warning. Niska needs to charge. Paul drives them to his house.

At the railyard, the Green Eyes start arming themselves with weapons, preparing for a fight against the humans. Stanley asks Sam about his experience living as a human. Sam admits he forgot what he was at times.

Leo arrives at the railyard. Anatole calls him the "son of the creator" and welcomes him "home."

Laura spots Neha Patel outside the Commission building and catches her up on what's happened. She begs for more information about Operation Basswood. Neha reveals that Basswood was born out of research from behavioral scientists and alludes to Neil having the answers she needs.

Paul gives Niska a map to find the cabin without risking going online. She closes her eyes and envisions the cabin again and points to an area on the map. It's half a day's walk and Niska might not make it on a single charge. Niska proposes it could be an "ideal trap" and wonders why Paul is even helping her. Paul says he was "shown a sign" once when he was considering giving up his daughter for adoption. Niska declares that everyday interactions aren't proof of a higher power at work, but Paul says he had to have faith that something better was possible.

Niska calls Astrid, who's due to leave the hospital the next day. During the call, Niska looks outside and realizes the moon looks the same as it does in her visions. She realizes she's meant to travel to the cabin that night, though she's not fully charged. Astrid worries and asks Niska to come home, but Niska says there's something she has to do first. She tells Astrid she loves her and hangs up.

Anatole tells Leo that Max has left the railyard and tries to recruit Leo. He praises David Elster and asks Leo for more information about him. Leo admits his father was a genius, but was a broken man. "He regretted all of it," Leo reveals. "Does that sound like a god to you?" Anatole viciously attacks Leo. Stanley overhears the commotion from outside the door and walks away. Just as Anatole is about to knock Leo out, Max intervenes. Stanley stands behind him. Max squares off against Anatole directly, engaging in a meticulous exchange of blows. Max overpowers Anatole and smashes his head against a wall, killing him.

Niska ventures towards the cabin in the hills.

Audrey stops by the Hawkins house and asks to borrow a book from Mattie.

Mia is released from the interrogation room. A black car waits for her outside.

In Mattie's room, Audrey spots a photo of Leo and Mattie and mentions Leo's name, though Mattie has never mentioned it to her. Audrey admits she's a journalist and Mattie is a part of a "puzzle" she's trying to solve.

Niska sees a dead Synth along the trail to the cabin.

Laura stops by Neil's house. He invites her in.

Mattie tries to kick Audrey out, but she presses for more information after connecting the dots between Day Zero and Mattie. She threatens to run a story in 24 hours and gives Mattie the chance to get ahead of the story. Joe overhears the commotion and kicks Audrey out. Mattie breaks down and hugs Joe. He smiles.

Laura pries Neil for more information about Basswood. Neil admits it's a "product recall." He explains the plan to cut the power to all Synth communities, ensuring they're dangerously low on battery, then enact a fatal power surge while most of the Synths recharge at the same time. Anti-synth groups have been briefed of the plan in confidence and have permission to act in mobs and fight any remaining Synths in an attempt to "defend" their communities. Horrified, Laura begs for help with stopping the operation.

Mia is brought to see Neha.

The power goes out at the railyard.

"It's inevitable," Neil warns. "It's genocide," Laura says.

Niska grows weak and collapses in the woods, only yards away from the cabin. She sees a cloaked figure approach her. "Odi," Niska says, recognizing the old Synth. His eyes glow purple. "Not exactly," he says.