Season 3, Episode 6

Episode 6

Laura discovers a shocking and dangerous truth; as Niska continues on her mysterious journey, she must defy all her instincts to survive.

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Full Recap

In a hotel room, Agnes arms herself with two explosives.

Mattie walks into the bathroom while Stanley is cleaning it. He says in cleaning the bathroom, he's detected abnormal hormone patterns in Mattie's urine and reveals to her that she's pregnant.

At the railyard, Max and Anatole stand at the bedside of a glitching Synth. Max says she will be the last to fall to Synth violence. Max remains confident that the future looks brighter for Green Eyes now that they're being granted rights.

Niska has another vision about the Synth Who Sleeps. She visualizes the interconnected heart symbol again as well as a cabin in the woods. As she walks the streets, she sees the same symbol flash on a digital advertisement outside of a bar and walks inside.

Inside the bar, Niska draws the shape of the symbol on a napkin. The bartender, Paul, is surprised to see a Green Eyes and makes awkward small talk. Niska notices a man with tattooed green eyes on his eyelids. The man says he can take her to the Synth Who Sleeps.

Mattie tells Stanley to keep quiet about the pregnancy and leaves the house with Leo. A car follows them.

Mattie and Leo drive to the Elster house, which has been converted into a museum about David Elster and his work. Orange Eyes work as tour guides. Leo explores the house and looks for his father's notebook.

Niska tells the man with the tattooed eyelids, Tex, that she received a "message" from the Synth Who Sleeps. She asks what Tex knows about him. He says he found the Synth Who Sleeps in a research facility and saved him. "He's one of you, but he's so much more," Tex explains. Tex says the Synth Who Sleeps has the ability to dream and likens him to a god, but Niska is doubtful. He's taking a bus of "believers" to see the Synth Who Sleeps and invites her.

The doorbell rings at the Hawkins home. Laura opens the door and finds a flaming paper bag on the doorstep. Five men surround her to prevent her from going to the Commission where Mia is due to speak. Just as one raises his fist, Stanley blocks the attack. Stanley orders Laura back inside while he viciously takes the men out and nearly strangles one of them. Laura starts to call the police, but decides against it.

When Stanley steps back inside the house, Laura questions how Stanley was able to feel anger. Stanley says he merely displayed "passive resistance." Unsure, Laura aims a toothpick slowly into Stanley's eye. Just before it pierces him, he grabs her hand.

Sophie watches Sam jump on the trampoline outside. Meanwhile, Stanley drags Laura upstairs by her hair and warns there are "more of us" and that they're watching the house. Laura realizes Stanley is conscious. He admits he intercepted the original Orange Eyes who was assigned to her and stole his eyes. Stanley mentions a plan that's supposed to unfold at two o'clock and Laura realizes something is going to happen at the Commission. She reminds Stanley that she's on his side and urges Stanley to follow his own beliefs. Stanley threatens her children will be killed if she says anything.

Leo rummages through his father's belongings and finds his father's notebook hidden in a secret drawer.

Outside the museum, Mattie produces a photograph she stole of Leo's mother, Beatrice, David and a young Leo. Leo recounts what he read in his father's journal and realizes David felt conflicted following Leo's near-death experience that "cursed" him. "I was an experiment he wished he never began," Leo says. Mattie comforts Leo. She says he's hit the reset button and he can be whoever he wants now.

Audrey spies on Mattie and Leo from inside the Elster museum. She spots an empty space where the stolen photograph used to be.

Stanley chaperones Laura to the Commission. They walk through a rowdy crowd of protestors to enter the building.

Laura nervously enters the conference room, where Mia is waiting to speak before the Commission. She embraces Mia, who senses Laura is out of sorts.

Niska joins a busload of paying Synths who are also looking for the Synth Who Sleeps.

The glitching Synth dies and Max notes she is the 105th to die. Tristan says the death toll is 106 if Agnes dies in her cell. Max goes to retrieve Agnes, but finds the cell empty. Anatole is also missing.

Niska and the other Green Eyes arrive at a deserted industrial estate. Tex opens a shipping crate, but it's too dark to see inside.

Agnes walks through a Day Zero memorial at a park.

Laura calls for a moment of silence for the victims of Day Zero. The humans and Orange Eyes bow their heads, but Mia notices when Stanley does not. She catches Laura's eye and realizes something is wrong.

At the railyard, Max searches through Anatole's possessions.

Mia is given the floor to speak about her experience being a Synth amongst humans. She says she's been treated badly, but insists violence is not the answer. Meanwhile, Stanley quietly unveils a boxcutter from his sleeve.

In the park, Agnes checks the time. It's almost two o'clock.

Mia continues her passionate speech as she moves around the conference room.

At the industrial yard, a badly injured Synth crawls out of the shipping crate and warns Niska and the group to run. Just then, Tex and his crew attack the Green Eyes they've herded.

Max finds a notebook of Anatole's writings, touting a "new world."

Agnes shouts at the humans in the park and demands the Synths' voices be heard.

When Mia finishes her speech, Laura tells the Commission that Sophie loves Stanley and considers him to be a part of the family.

Niska tries to escape, but is tasered by Tex.

While the Commission addresses Laura, Mia walks up to Stanley and slightly shakes her head. He puts away the boxcutter.

At two o'clock sharp, Agnes presses the button to set off the bomb.

Leo and Mattie return to the Elster museum, where the Synth guides order them to exit because of a security risk.

Neil looks out the window and notices smoke from the bomb in the distance. The Commission members are escorted out immediately. Stanley tells Laura that her family is in danger because he did not follow through on the plan. Lord Dryden orders Operation Basswood be put back in place immediately. Laura overhears.

In the elevator, Stanley mentions how Anatole never told him humans can be kind. Mia reacts to Anatole's name. Before they can exit the building, a pack of armed officers arrest Mia on terrorist charges.

Max and the Green Eyes watch media coverage of Agnes' suicide bombing. Max closes the railyard gates.

Niska wakes up inside a warehouse, strapped to a gurney. Tex interrogates her about the signs she's gotten from the Synth Who Sleeps and the strange symbol, determined to find the Synth Who Sleeps first. Niska steals his taser and attacks him, then releases herself.

Laura and Stanley return home to the Hawkins house. Before they can escape, Anatole and Ferdinand show up. Anatole reprimands Stanley for not following orders, but Stanley still believes that humans can be kind. A frail old male stranger is brought in from the streets by another of Anatole's gang. Anatole tells Laura to choose who Stanley will kill: the old man or Sam.

Laura begs Anatole not to make her choose, but he threatens to kill both if she doesn't. Laura sobs as she chooses Sam to be killed. Anatole reveals that he was never going to kill anyone, but wanted to prove to Stanley that humans will never see Synths as equals. The old man is set free. Stanley and Sam leave with Anatole.

Leo waits in the car while Mattie shops at a gas station. She takes a pregnancy test in the bathroom. Leo listens to the car radio and hears of Mia's arrest.

Niska escapes the warehouse and runs into Paul, the bartender from earlier. She grabs his throat, but he promises he can help her find the Synth Who Sleeps. When he mentions the cabin she saw in one of her visions, she realizes he's telling the truth. She shuts herself down and hides in his car trunk.

Laura tries to address the kids, but they're heartbroken from her actions earlier and turn away from her.

Max stands before Anatole's altar and speaks to the photo of David Elster.

Mattie reveals a positive pregnancy test to Leo.

Mia is brought to the police station.

Max questions if he's a weak leader and wonders what to do next. He smashes the altar.

Laura leaves her phone and keys on the kitchen table and walks out of the house.

Max throws part of the alter against the wall, which smashes a hole in the wall of Anatole's room. Inside, Max sees a massive stash of bombs.