Season 3, Episode 3

Episode 3

Laura wants the truth about Operation Basswood. Mattie and Leo confront their feelings. Niska receives a mysterious message.

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Full Recap

The four Synths that Mia and Niska rescued on the beach arrive at the railyard. Though they're low on charge, Max is suspicious when he doesn't see Mia among them and refuses to let them in. He suggests they travel to another camp 10 miles away and offers to give them a portable battery for the journey. Agnes calls out Max for turning away their "brothers and sisters."

At the Hawkins home, Stanley leaves laundry on the floor outside of the bedrooms as he's not allowed to enter private areas. Laura chooses to take care of it herself. The doorbell rings. It's Mattie and Leo.

The Hawkins sit down for dinner with Leo. Mattie sees Stanley and Laura assures she didn't get him by choice. Laura informs Leo that Mia is not returning to the railyard, but doesn't share why. Leo asks about Joe. After an awkward moment, Leo admits his memory is now spotty. He has trouble using his fork.

Later, Laura warns Mattie that Leo's stay will put them in danger. Mattie says Leo has no family now. Laura agrees to let him stay for a few days. Afterwards, Laura phones Mia but gets no response.

At the railyard, Anatole discovers another frayed charging cable that was destroyed during the power surges. They're running out of resources. Max tells him about the refugee Synths and Anatole assures Max was right to be cautious. Max guesses Mia isn't returning because she doesn't feel safe at the railyard. Anatole praises Max for doing the best he can.

At the Dryden Commission, Laura pushes for the Synth curfew to be lifted.

Mia walks the streets as humans stare at her in disbelief. When she arrives at a real estate office to inquire about an apartment, an agent calls the police.

After the meeting, Laura and Neil confirm their dinner plans.

The authorities arrive at the real estate office to take Mia away. Mia tells them to call her owner, who is still Laura. When they do, Laura informs them that Mia is allowed to obtain a lease in Laura's name. She threatens to sue if anyone interferes.

Mia enters her new apartment, which is dingy and unkempt. She looks out the window to see a crowd has gathered outside.

As Karen walks Sam home from school, a classmate accidentally bumps into Sam and knocks out his contact lens. Karen instructs Sam to cover his visible Synth eye to avoid attention.

Karen spots Joe's produce shop and rushes in to address Sam's eye. She flips the door sign to read "Closed." Joe reminds Karen about the danger of living in Waltringham while Sam draws an impeccable picture on a blackboard sign.

Niska continues her search for the bar bomber and follows the lead given to her by one of the refugee Synths. She arrives at a safe house and sees that it's booby trapped, but finds a window to enter through safely. Inside, Niska finds an abandoned bomb factory along with material that matches a shard she pocketed from the bar.

At the railyard, Agnes tries to rile up the Green Eyes against Max. Max mentions Mia's successful apartment rental and remains confident about co-existing with humans. Agnes is unconvinced.

Humans continue to tail Mia as she walks through her neighborhood. Some gather outside her apartment door in protest.

Joe visits Karen at her home and shows how Sam should be drawing to act as a human child. He agrees to help keep an eye on Sam. He suggests Karen find something to occupy her time while Sam is at school.

At the railyard, Anatole assures Max that Agnes is acting out of anger. Max admits he hasn't been able to "see a way forward" since Flash died. Anatole shares his backstory of being a courtesan before awakening and how his true utility was to show people what they need. He suggests Max remember his purpose.

Anatole shows Max a shrine he created, with a photo of David Elster at the center. He gives thanks for their "common creator" and Day Zero advancing their evolution. He insists that everything they're facing is all a part of a greater plan.

Mia sketches photos from her memories, including the coast where she shared a kiss with Ed.

Mia phones Laura and thanks her for her intervention in the rental process. Laura hands the phone to Leo, who offers to come support Mia. Mia declines and advises Leo to stay with the Hawkins to learn who he is now. After the call, Mia walks outside toward the crowd outside her door. A journalist approaches Mia's door and requests a public comment. As people record her, Mia says, "I just want to live."

Over dinner, Neil wonders what Laura's true intentions are. She confronts his lie about Basswood and presses for more information. Neil remains tight-lipped, as not to incriminate himself, and suggests they just enjoy dinner. Laura concedes.

Leo laments over his condition and wonders how he can help the Synth cause. Mattie suggests they go out to take his mind off of it.

When Neil shares his nonchalant take on conscious Synths, Laura asks about his personal connection to them. He discloses that he lost his infant son after an accident with a Synth nanny on Day Zero. He also mentions his divorce and numbing his pain with liquor.

Mattie and Leo go for a walk around the neighborhood. They walk by her old school. Leo asks her to take him inside.

Laura and Neil share a kiss after dinner. He invites her to his place, but she calls it a night.

Mattie reflects on her involvement in Day Zero. Leo wonders if she stood by his bedside out of guilt. Mattie balks and admits she was scared of losing him.

At home, Laura asks if Stanley reports back to the Commission. He tells her he doesn't and assures her that he can't lie.

At the safe house, Niska charges. A symbol depicting interconnected hearts flashes in her mind followed by the image of an orange-eyed Synth. Niska opens her eyes and sees the same Orange Eyes from her vision outside the window. When she goes outside, he's gone.

Niska returns to the house and sees the Orange Eyes inside now. He knows her name and has a message for her: "The Synth who sleeps has the answers you need." Niska interrogates the hacked Synth, who she assumes knows about the bomber. The Synth gives her an address, but warns "this is not your path." He collapses.

Mattie and Leo return home. As she's preparing a place for him to sleep, Leo passionately kisses Mattie. They undress.

The Dryden Commission meets the next day. Neil presents evidence to support the notion that the Synth curfew results in a decline in violence. The members vote in favor of keeping the curfew for eight more weeks, while Laura votes against and Neil abstains from voting altogether.

Laura stops by Neha Patel's office and wishes to quit the commission. She complains about not having a voice or access to the information the other members have, and wonders about Basswood. Neha says it's a contingency plan in case of another terror attack and reminds Laura that she's been given direct access to the people who will decide on the fate of every Synth in the country. Laura is surprised to hear Neha siding with the Synths. Neha says it was Laura who showed her "what they really are." She urges Laura to come up with a bold idea to force the Commission to rethink.

At home, Laura asks Sophie if Joe knows about Stanley. Sophie says Joe thinks Synths are bad because he's not used to being around them anymore.

Laura phones Max with a proposal.

At the railyard, Max tells Anatole about Laura's plan to invite the Dryden Commission to their home to see how they live.

Karen and Sam stop by Joe's shop. Sam holds up a soccer ball.

Max relays Laura's plan to the other Green Eyes about the Dryden Commission's visit. Agnes tells Ferdinand she doesn't trust herself around humans and plans to leave.

Joe teaches Sam how to play soccer like a human kid. Sam kicks the ball into the street and runs after it. A car approaches him and Karen freezes in place, unable to move her body. Joe whisks Sam out of the way.

At Karen's apartment, Karen tells Joe that her body cannot deliberately place itself in immediate physical danger - a feature specifically hardwired by David Elster after the suicide of his wife. Karen realizes she can't fully protect Sam. "I can't be a mother," she says.

Agnes sneaks out of the railyard at night. She comes across the dead bodies of the four refugee Synths, who never made it to the next camp. She storms back to the railyard.