Season 3, Episode 2

Episode 2

Max faces the consequences of his decision. Laura discovers she's not being told everything at the Dryden Commission. Joe uncovers Karen's secret.

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Full Recap

At the railyard, the Green Eyes remain on their knees during the police raid except for Agnes and Ferdinand, who stare down the officers' weapons. Max begs Agnes to cooperate. When she doesn't, Max rises to his feet and pushes her to the ground. Max orders Ferdinand to kneel, then tells the officers that they will cooperate.

Niska hides from a pair of officers tracking her electronic signatures.

Mattie continues trying to revive Leo in the secret medical room.

Niska spots the unconscious Christabel lying in the repair bay and hides under her gurney. The officers assume Christabel is the Synth their tracker is pointing to and stop searching.

After an urgent call from command regarding a breach at the coast, the officers are dispatched there and move out of the railyard.

Mattie yells out for help when Leo isn't recovering from being taken off of life support. Niska arrives and jams an epinephrine needle into Leo.

After the raid, Anatole looks towards the sky and says, "thank you." The power is restored. Anatole and Max rush to check on Leo, who's now breathing.

The next morning, at the Hawkins home, Laura listens to the radio and overhears news about a curfew being put into place for Green Eyes. She worries Toby will have a hard time at school because of her advocacy work. He assures her that he's fine.

The doorbell rings and Laura finds an Orange Eyes named Stanley outside. He's been appointed by the government to act as Laura's assistant and personal security detail while she works for the Dryden Commission. Laura immediately slams the door.

Laura phones Neha Patel and tries to refuse accepting Stanley, worried what her clients will think. Neha says it's non-negotiable for all Dryden Commission members after the bombing.

Laura bonds herself to Stanley as his temporary primary user. Sophie meets Stanley and smiles.

Stanley drives Laura to the Commission building in her new executive car. A group of protestors chant outside. Inside, all Commission members are accompanied by their assigned Orange Eyes.

Laura meets Dr. Neil Sommer, a behavioral scientist who is also on the Dryden Commission.

Mia returns to the railyard and sees that Leo is breathing on his own. Mattie tells Mia that Niska saved him.

Niska finds a radio scanner and listens to police frequencies. A Synth named Tristan warns she's in a restricted area, but Niska lies and says Max gave her permission. Tristan spots something on the computer.

Mia reprimands Max for taking Leo off of his ventilator. Max asserts he must make tough decisions as leader and carry the burden of them as well. Max says he "feels" more every day and wonders if they're all becoming more and more like "them." Tristan and Anatole approach after receiving an emergency message on the encrypted channel.

Mia greets Niska, having not seen her since Day Zero. The encrypted channel transmits a message about four Synths on the coast who need refuge. Max cites the new curfew and insists it's too risky to go save them. Mia offers to go herself and Niska volunteers to accompany her. Max forbids it, but Niska warns her "little brother" not to tell her what to do.

The Commission members gather in a meeting room under Lord Dryden's lead. Lord Dryden discusses what other countries have done with their Green Eyes and declares they're here to "decide what becomes of ours. Once and for all." Laura receives a call during the meeting but rejects it.

Leo recalls faint memories of his parents, Beatrice and David Elster, and of Mia saving him from drowning. His eyes open.

Anatole introduces himself to Niska as she looks at sculptures built by Synths around the railyard. He refers to Day Zero as "pre-ordained." Niska says faith is "a story of order" created by humans. She doesn't reveal her history as an original conscious Synth.

Toby helps Joe out at the produce shop. Joe reveals he's making less money at his current job but appreciates the human contact.

Leo awakens and immediately attempts to go after Hester. Mattie assures he's safe now. Anatole is astonished by how well Leo is functioning given his injuries.

As Mia and Niska head out, Mia questions Niska's true motives. Niska admits she's looking for a connection to the bar bombing.

At the hospital, Astrid receives a call from Niska, who pretends to be Astrid's aunt. Since the police have linked Astrid to Niska, Niska instructs her to pretend like she was coerced during their relationship. Astrid refuses and asks Niska not to pursue the bomber. Niska insists she must. Niska hangs up and drops the phone out the car window. After the call, Mia reveals that the consciousness code disappeared minutes after all Synths were brought online, thus rendering their bodies finite. She worries about the future.

At the Commission, Laura argues for emergency protections for Synths, and wonders how children are affected after witnessing extreme violence against things that look and act like people. Neil defends her point with statistical evidence. The police deputy commissioner suggests they look into "Basswood" again.

Outside the Commission building, Laura asks Neil about Basswood, but he says he doesn't know what it is. After Neil walks off, Laura asks Stanley if Neil was lying. Stanley predicts he was. Laura catches up to Neil and asks to take him to dinner.

Niska and Mia travel to the coast and find dead Synth bodies along the shore. They find the four missing Synths inside a nearby barn, damaged and scared. When Mia hears two police officers nearby, she walks out – disguising her eyes with sunglasses – and pretends to be a human. She tells the cops she saw four live Synths get picked up in a van. The cops leave to pursue Mia's tip.

The four Synths tell Niska they are being purged from their home countries and seeking refuge. When Niska presses for more information, one of the Synths mention another Synth among them that was looking to link up with their kind to join a cause. She provides an address that Synth mentioned.

At the railyard, Anatole deems Leo's recovery a miracle. Agnes walks up to them and confronts Max about Mattie's stay at the railyard. She blames Max for Flash and Julian's deaths, and demands Max provide his people with more answers by tomorrow. After Agnes walks away, Anatole says she can't find out about Leo.

Laura returns home and hesitantly enlists Stanley's help with chores. She notices Sophie's gloomy disposition and checks in. Sophie wasn't invited to her friend's party because of Laura's connection to the Green Eyes.

Laura has Stanley chauffeur the family to an outside restaurant, which cheers Sophie up. Laura makes the kids swear to be honest if things get difficult because of her line of work. Sophie mentions Joe and Laura's split, but Laura promises they're still a family. Sophie recalls how Mia used to join them for meals, prompting Laura to invite Stanley to sit down with them. Sophie and Toby ask Stanley about his unconscious nature and Stanley states that anomalous Synths are dangerous.

A family nearby recognizes Laura and berates her for her work. They hurl a bottle towards the Hawkins and Stanley catches it in mid-air. He suggests the Hawkins leave and says he's notified the police.

As Karen walks Sam home from school in Waltringham, he mentions making a new friend. Nearby, Joe catches sight of them.

Agnes finds the locked secret medical room and asks Max about it. Max warns Agnes about her rage and urges her to think about the bigger picture. Agnes maintains they are more powerful than the humans. She demands Max open the secret room or warns she and the other Green Eyes will.

In the medical room, Leo tells Mattie he's having trouble accessing older memories. Mattie explains that his damaged Synth brain was removed and he's beginning to forget, just like humans do. Max enters and greets Leo, then informs him that he and Mattie must leave the railyard for their own safety. Leo asserts that he's "one" of them, but Max reminds him that was only ever partly true – and now it isn't true at all.

Niska parts ways with Mia to follow the lead on the bomber while Mia will drive the Synth refugees back to the railyard. Mia admits she doesn't know what to do anymore and reflects on the betrayal she experienced by a human, meaning Ed. Niska assures the betrayal doesn't have to define her.

Joe follows Karen and Sam. He recognizes Karen as one of David Elster's prototypes and reminds her she's in a Synth-free community. Karen invites him for tea.

At Karen's apartment, Joe watches as Sam takes out his contacts and reveals himself as a Green Eyes. Karen explains Sam's backstory as a Qualia prototype and begs Joe not to give them up. Joe walks out, leaving Sam to wonder if Joe is a friend.

As Leo and Mattie leave the railyard, Leo extends his hand to say goodbye to Max, who doesn't take it. As they drive away, Max orders the gates locked. "No one enters. No one leaves," he declares.