Season 3, Episode 1

Episode 1

One year on from the release of the consciousness code, a catastrophic event puts the future of human and synth-kind in jeopardy once again.

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Full Recap

In the aftermath of Mattie Hawkins releasing the consciousness code, Synths everywhere have begun to wake up and abandon their primary users and jobs. News stations report on the mass malfunction and show images of the subsequent chaos. The global crash is referred to as "Day Zero" and reporters warn humans to stay away from Synths.

Three months after Day Zero, a new line of Synthetics named "Orange Eyes" are introduced to the public. The new machines are deemed safe and show no sign of "the anomaly."

A year after Day Zero, townspeople gather around a tribute in Waltringham – the Synth-free community where Joe Hawkins moved – in honor of the 110,000 humans who lost their lives since the global crash. Joe and two of his children, Sophie and Toby, bow their heads in respect.

At Laura Hawkins's home, Laura and Mattie watch news coverage of the tributes. Laura tries to turn the TV off, but Mattie won't let her.

At a rail yard, a group of green-eyed Synths live in isolation. Mia, Max and the others watch the news coverage on a small television. They stand in silence until Agnes smashes the television and speaks out against the violence against their own kind. Max believes the humans will accept them eventually.

Mia sits down with Max, who has been elected their leader. Suddenly, all of the lights go out – a new ploy by the government to disrupt Synths' ability to charge. Mia misses her old life, but Max insists their life really started on Day Zero. Flash and Anatole approach with news that Thomas has lost his life because of the power being cut. Mia suggests a back-up generator, but local businesses are refusing to provide resources or cooperate with anomalous Synths.

Mia walks outside of their gated community and looks out beyond the fences.

In Waltringham, Joe works at a "human-picked" produce store. Toby Hawkins recommends buying an Orange Eyes, but Joe refuses. Sophie Hawkins watches in silence.

Niska, wearing blue contacts to pose as a human, enters a bar where both humans and conscious Synths socialize together. Astrid encourages Niska to be herself but Niska is still wanted as a Synthetic. Niska heads outside to wait for Astrid's bartending shift to end.

A hooded figure rushes out of the bar. As Astrid steps outside, a bomb goes off inside and the bar explodes in flames. Astrid is hurled to the ground and begs Niska to help those inside.

Niska surveys the scene and finds humans and Synths motionless on the ground. She finds a sliver of blue plastic and pockets it.

Astrid warns Niska to flee as police cars arrive.

Joe prepares the kids to return back to Laura's house, which Toby refers to as “home." Joe cringes.

Laura picks up the kids in her car and jokes about Joe's antiquated neighborhood.

Laura arrives home and finds a note from Mattie, who's left for a few days to get some space. Toby turns on the news and sees coverage of the bar bomb. Laura remembers helping the bar get their license. She texts Mattie to check in. Mattie assures her she's fine.

Mia, Max, Flash and Anatole listen to radio coverage of the explosion.

The next day, at Sophie's school, a human gives a presentation on how to stay "Synth safe." He warns that the Green-Eyes are broken, while the Orange-Eyes obey humans. Sophie raises her hand to share her positive experience with Green-Eyes. A classmate tells the class that Joe left Sophie's family because Laura "loves the Green-Eyes so much."

A Green-Eyed Synth named Roland meets Laura at her office to talk about his case. Roland notices someone has graffitied an expletive on the front door.

Laura receives a voicemail from Dan Stapleton, a news producer who wants Laura to be a guest on a show called The Panel. Neha Patel, Laura's opposition in the fight for Synth rights, stops by to talk about Laura possibly joining the Dryden Commission to form a final solution for conscious Synths.

A group of journalists arrive at the Synth railyard to talk to the "spokesperson." Flash fetches Mia.

Laura films The Panel with two other guests and discusses the explosion at the bar. Mia appears, via live video, and says she feels afraid. Crew members around the studio begin looking at their phones and decide to cut the show.

Max and Flash slow-dance and gaze at each other with love. Anatole approaches with news that someone has claimed responsibility for the bar bomb. They tune into radio coverage and hear a female Synth voice advocating against peaceful subjugation.

In a café, Niska watches the news and sees the Synth bomber – hidden behind a mask –
addressing the public in a released video. The Synth cuts her palm, spilling blue fluid.

Joe watches the video on his cell phone.

Laura watches from the studio. "Today, our fight back begins," the Synth warns.

The Green-Eyes assemble at the rail yard, torn on how to proceed. Max guesses humans will view them all as killers now, but encourages them all to continue showing kindness. Flash prepares to leave for a supply run with another Synth.

Flash and Julian are driven into town by two humans, who've been paid to escort them.

At her office, Laura receives a phone call from someone who wishes ill will towards her children. She receives another call from Sophie's teacher.

Laura and Joe are called in for a meeting after Sophie gets into a fight with her classmate. Sophie's teacher guesses Sophie is having a difficult time processing the separation from Synths.

Flash and Julian shop at a hardware store while their escorts wait outside. They pay the cashier more than what's owed as a kind gesture, then walk out to find their escorts have disappeared. They try to walk back into the shop, but the cashier locks the store door. A group of humans holding weapons approach and taunt Flash and Julian. They blame the Synths for the bar bomb and crack a crow bar over Flash's head.

At Karen's flat, Karen teaches Sam how to move like a human so he can fit in at school. She warns not to let anyone touch his eyes, see his charging port or break his skin during an injury. Sam senses sadness in Karen and asks about Pete, Karen's human boyfriend who was killed by Hester.

After the meeting, Joe suggests he and Laura talk to Sophie together, but Laura volunteers to do it alone. Joe wishes Laura would respect his new life and mentions Mattie ignoring all of his calls.

Mattie arrives at the Synth settlement. Max warns it's not a good time for her to visit, but she stays.

Leo, whose synthetic side was damaged by Hester on Day Zero, lies comatose in a secret medical room. Mattie stays by his side.

Max warns Anatole to keep Leo a secret from the others – particularly Agnes. Gordon fetches Max and leads him out to the woods.

Out in the woods, Flash and Julian's dead bodies hang upside down from a tree. Max watches in horror.

Laura sits down with Sophie to discuss her recent behavior. Sophie admits it's hard to hide the truth about conscious Synths and she doesn't know what to do with her anger.

Karen drops Sam off for his first day of school, in Waltringham.

Mia and Laura meet in the woods to discuss the current state of Synth rights. When Laura mentions her offer to join the Dryden Commission, Mia assumes Laura has given up and worries that the Green-Eyes will think they're being betrayed. Laura reminds her of the sacrifices she's made, though Mia points out that Laura's family is still alive.

Niska stops by the hospital to visit Astrid, but turns away once she sees a police officer guarding the room.

Mattie talks to a comatose Leo about all that's happened since Day Zero. She blames herself for all the deaths and wishes she could tell someone what she's done.

Max stares at Flash's body, which has been brought back to the rail yard.

Anatole works on a failing Synth, Christabel, who will not survive the next power outage. Max wonders how to lead under such dire circumstances.

Niska arrives at the Synth settlement and questions Max about the bomber. She wonders if the bomber is living among the 520 Synths living there. The lights go out again.

Anatole asks Max about the back-up batteries currently powering Leo's life-support machines. He senses Max's complicated relationship with Leo and tells Max he must "decide."

Max and Anatole visit the secret medical room and discuss how to sustain Leo without his machines. Mattie overhears and forbids it. Max orders Mattie to stay quiet or leave.

Leo is taken off of his machines. Meanwhile, armed officers close in on the settlement.

Christabel is revived.

The officers rush in as Synths put their hands up.

Max and Anatole leave Mattie in the medical room with a syringe. Anatole instructs her on how to revive Leo.

The Synths get down on their knees as the officers demand to talk to their leader. Max introduces himself and tells the Synths to cooperate. The officers interrogate him about the bar bomber.

Agnes slowly stands to her feet.

Niska hides while officers use their trackers to search for her.

Another Synth rises to his feet.

Mattie works diligently on Leo, trying to bring him back to life.

Agnes refuses to get back on her knees and stares straight down the barrel of an officer's gun.