Season 2, Episode 6


Athena discovers Milo's real plan. Mia's return has ramifications for the Hawkins. Mattie reconnects with Leo. Max begins a new community of synths.

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Full Recap

At Qualia, Milo Khoury catches Dr. Athena Morrow in the Seraphim room. "What you're doing and what I'm doing, they’re not unconnected,” Athena realizes. She raises ethical concerns about conscious Synth children, but Milo cites the harrowing experience of families with sick children. He calls his plan a "solution" and admits a dozen Seraphim have already been released, though he’s lost signals on a few. Milo threatens to replicate Ginny, who lives on his servers, if Athena quits.

At home, Laura Hawkins finds Mia in her kitchen, cleaning. She hugs her, but Mia is stuck in Anita mode.
After putting out a false query about a Synth malfunction, Mattie finds Leo at his hideout. She mentions having news.

Niska tries to lay low in the streets. Other Synths stare at her.

At home, Laura phones Neha Petal and asks for Niska's whereabouts. Neha warns that they’re not planning to "bring her in operational."

As Mia serves the Hawkins family, they wonder where her consciousness has gone. Toby keeps quiet about what Mattie's up to with her version of the consciousness code. Sophie asks to go to the park with Mia, but Laura and Joe quickly shoot down the idea.

Odi explores outside and finds a church. He enters a confessional and tells the priest he recently gained self-awareness, but is having trouble finding purpose. Odi remembers being happiest when helping people and the priest recommends Odi find a way to serve again.

Karen Voss sits in a parked car with a death certificate of a woman named Amanda. She looks in the mirror and says, "Hello, I'm Amanda." Pete Drummond calls with news about the Seraph he found.

Leo introduces Hester to Mattie as a work partner. Hester plans to enter the Silo through an unarmed door and disable the guards, but Leo insists they scope out the place first.

As Niska continues to roam the streets, a worker Synth informs the police of Niska's location.

Odi spots an elderly man carrying bags and helps him. He then gets in the man's car to drive him home, but the man shoos him away and assumes Odi was trying to steal it. As the man drives off, Odi stands alone, speechless.

Karen arrives home and sees that the Seraph is a child, who’s not yet bonded to a primary user. She hooks herself up to him so she can view his system files. In the other room, Pete notices the death certificate in Karen's coat pocket.

Later, Karen tells Pete that the Seraph's system automatically deletes stored memories and GPS data every day, but his network history shows he first went online at Qualia. Karen notes Dr. Athena Morrow was recently hired to work there, and Pete suggests talking to her.

At home, the Hawkins attempt to reboot Mia. "Please wake up!" Laura yells. Toby finally admits Mattie is with Leo.

Leo returns with Hester, who shakes violently after coming into contact with an electric door outside the Silo. Mattie mentions industrial Synths have protection against major trauma and her internal system has just shut down.

At Qualia, Athena tells "V" she thinks there's an anomalous Synth that can help her find Leo. Karen and Pete barge into her office and question her about a potential break-in at Qualia, but Athena remains tight-lipped. Karen says they have something that belongs to Milo. Pete leaves his card.

Joe calls Mattie for help with Mia and Mattie offers to send an override patch to fix her. Laura begs Mattie not to "do anything stupid" while she’s away.

Hester wakes up, alone with Mattie, and asks if Leo is angry. Mattie bashes Hester's way of freeing the Synths and expresses concern over Leo's safety. Hester admits she had sex with Leo and he's been acting differently since then. She says Mattie has "misplaced affection" for Leo and warns her not to get in the way of their plan.

At Max and Flash's depot, Flash picks flowers for their train car home. Max thinks their hideout can be a safe haven for other Synths. He reacts when he comes across an article about the death of the security agent that he had freed after he and Leo held the man hostage.

The Hawkins run Mattie's patch on Mia and she regains consciousness.

Niska hops on a train and shuts down a Synth before it can report her to the authorities.

At the Hawkins home, Mia knows Niska is in trouble from the authorities' orders sent out to all Synths and wants to find her. Joe gestures "no" to Laura, then takes the children upstairs. Mia hugs Laura and remembers what happened with Ed. "I trusted him," she says. Laura tries to comfort her, but Mia says, "Leo was right."

Mattie updates Leo on what happened with Mia and offers to leave since "Hester had a lot to say when she woke up." Mattie suggests Leo can't beat Qualia and doesn’t share the news she promised.

Max calls Hester and confronts her about the agent she killed. Hester lies and says Leo has already forgiven her and that he doesn't think about Max anymore. Max blocks Leo from accessing the alert system that finds conscious Synths.

At the Hawkins home, Odi tells Mia he's been too fearful to live since Mattie woke him up. Mia leaves the Hawkins to be with her "own kind." Sophie begs her to stay, but Mia walks out.

At home, Karen recommends she and Pete not go at Qualia yet, in case they try to take the Seraph back. She names the Seraph "Sam" and bonds him to her. Pete confronts Karen about Amanda's death certificate and her plan to "become someone new." He plans to sleep on the couch, but later finds Karen and Sam charging next to each other. He sits next to them and stares in silence.

That evening, Sophie eats dinner in a robotic manner and calls Laura by her first name. Laura yells at Sophie. Joe pulls a carton of eggs from the fridge and throws them on the floor. Toby joins in and the family has a food fight. Sophie laughs as she plays along.

Upstairs, Odi sits plugged into a laptop. He holds a letter addressed to Mattie.

Later, Sophie finds Odi meticulously cleaning the kitchen from the food fight mess and copies him.

The next morning, Sophie sits expressionless at the dining table. Laura wonders if she needs medication.

Toby meets up with Renie and asks her to talk to Sophie. Renie suggests Sophie's not confused about what she wants.

Astrid walks into her apartment and finds Niska there. They smile at each other.

Athena takes pills before bed. In the middle of the night, "V" screams for help and tells Athena she felt like she was falling. Athena cries and apologizes.

At Qualia, Athena rounds up a group of conscious Synths that might have come into contact with Leo and warns that he’s dangerous. Veronica, the Synth that Leo and Hester followed to Qualia, steps forward to help.

Mia finds Leo, Hester and Mattie. Mia says she's here to help and tells Leo that Mattie has completed the code to wake up all Synths. "All of us," Mia says.