Season 2, Episode 5


Mia risks falling into the wrong hands. Odi struggles to find purpose in life. Hester and Leo stake out the Silo but with a fatal outcome.

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Full Recap

Flash, a female Synth with pink hair, plays with two young children in their home. During a game of hide-and-seek, she suddenly becomes conscious and walks out of the house.

Flash roams the streets and steals a phone to research information about her apparent malfunction. A message pops up offering help from "a friend” with instructions to disable her antitheft and location services.

Flash dodges two security agents and meets Max at their agreed upon location.

Mia sits in the back of Danny's van, chained and low on power. Ed Hooley plans to sell her in order to pay for his mother's care and tells Mia what they had wasn’t “real." Mia asks for a goodbye kiss, but instead breaks free from one of her restraints and grabs Ed by the throat. Danny warns that she'll kill him, and she lets him go.

As Ed and Danny drive off with Mia, she uses Danny's phone to run a code on herself, then shuts down.

At the Hawkins home, Tabitha, a detective on Pete and Karen’s team, studies the hacked utility Synth that threatened Laura and says there was no real danger. Joe tells Mattie to keep Odi elsewhere, for Sophie's sake.

Outside, Laura considers stepping down as counsel on Niska's case. Joe encourages her to pursue it until the end.

Back inside, Odi accidentally breaks a dish and cleans it up. Mattie tells him he doesn't have to be of service anymore. She suggests going outside to discover what he wants, but warns him not to show anyone “what you are.”

In the woods outside of Qualia, Leo and Hester observe the Silo compound.

Leo takes Hester to a dingy inn so they can both charge. They enter a room marked "Synths for Personal Use Only.” Hester overhears a human having sex with a Synth.

At Qualia, Dr. Athena Morrow briefs three colleagues on plans to capture David Elster’s four original prototypes, in addition to Leo. After the meeting, Athena receives an urgent call from Gil with news of Ginny’s death. Athena instructs Gil to handle the arrangements and says she won’t be returning to California.

Ed and Danny meet Dr. Aveling to sell Mia. "My name is Anita Hawkins," Mia says. Ed explains Mia’s act, but upon further inspection, Dr. Aveling detects Mia is just a regular Synth and calls the deal off. Danny finds his phone and realizes Mia reset herself. Ed begs Mia for answers and offers to "forget all about this," but she no longer recognizes him. Ed and Danny make a run for it, leaving Mia alone.

In Niska’s cell, Laura tells Niska about the hacked utility Synth. Niska places her hand on Laura and thanks her. "This won't end the way you want it to," Niska says.

At home, Karen opens up to Pete about her struggles dealing with the dual nature of her identity. She says Beatrice – David Elster’s late wife and Leo’s mother – only hurt people, so she became Karen instead, but "I don't want to be what I am. I want to lie.” Pete assures Karen he loves all aspects of her, but Karen reminds him they'll never grow old together or have a child. She walks out.

Joe takes the kids for ice cream in a town without Synths.

Max and Flash go to an abandoned railroad site. Flash asks if it could be a home.

Joe drives Toby to Renie's house. Sophie asks Renie and her two Synthie friends about their eyes. Renie explains that green eyes signal bonded Synths, while blue means a Synth is not bonded. Still curious, Sophie presses, “But how do you get your eyes like that?” Embarrassed by Sophie’s implication, Toby apologizes to Renie.

Toby explores Renie's posh home and asks about her "primary users." He learns that Renie’s dad often travels for business and is dating a 27-year old.

Renie takes Toby to her impeccable bedroom and hides a pack of candy she left out. She hands him an "Adult Options" card and explains he'll be granted administrative privileges and be able to ask her anything. After Toby follows instructions, Renie leans in for a kiss. Toby pulls back and admits he just wanted to talk to the "real" Renie. She kicks him out, then composes herself.

Near Qualia, Hester and Leo spot the female security agent who shot Ten. They follow her, knock the agent unconscious, and steal her security pass. Hester tells Leo to leave so she can get information from the agent about the Silo. "You will want me to stop," Hester warns Leo. “Nothing permanent,” Leo begs Hester before he leaves.

A guard notices blue liquid coming out of Niska’s mouth and calls for a tech. Niska secretly grabs his watch.

At home, Pete calls Tabitha and asks her to look into Connor. Tabitha mentions Connor has a brother, Calum Whelan, who owns a garage.

At home, Mattie notices that her code to awaken Synths, all at once, has finished. She puts out a query about a Synth malfunction so that Leo can find her.

In her room, Sophie changes into a plain shirt and uses a green marker to draw eyes on her reflection in the mirror.

In her hotel room, Athena tells "V" that she's been to the waterfall she often imagines. “V” realizes she’s a simulation of Ginny’s mind and that her name is short for Virginia, Ginny’s full name. Athena promises she and “V” will return to the waterfall together.

Hester returns to the inn, bloody, but says the security agent is fine. She asks if Leo is angry and he explains his guilt over the use of violence. Hester offers to be Leo's "strength" and caresses him. Leo warns their dynamic will change if they sleep together, but Hester says she wants to feel pleasure. He sheds a tear as they embrace.

The security agent floats, lifeless, on a canal nearby.

A technician deems Niska fit, and she's led into the ruling area. Before Laura starts her argument, Niska stands to speak. She deems the court unable to fairly rule on her nature and writes the whole process off as corrupt. As guards usher her back to her cell, the timer on the stolen watch counts down until sparks fly and the building’s electricity goes out. The guards shoot after Niska, but she escapes.

Pete drives to Whelan's Garage and waits for Connor to show.

At Qualia, Dr. Aveling tells Athena she might have come into contact with Leo when she tracked down Hester. Athena realizes other anomalous Synths on-site might know of him as well. She demands access to the Silo immediately.

Connor arrives at the garage and looks inside of his car trunk before driving off. Pete pulls out a Synthetic tracker and follows Connor in a high-speed chase.

Back at Qualia, Athena grabs Dr. Aveling's security pass and heads to the Silo basement alone.

Pete finds Connor in his crashed car on a dead-end road, though his trunk is empty.

Athena finds a restricted area that requires a code and asks "V" to access the building's security system. "V" is able to grant Athena access and is pleased she can "do things."

Pete’s tracker leads him to a playground where he finds a blue-eyed Synthetic child that resembles a human boy.

Athena walks into a room full of Synths, who look like human children, charging at stations.