Season 2, Episode 4


Mia and Ed grow closer. Milo confronts a worried Athena. Karen & Pete delve deeper into the 'Seraphim' investigation. Hester exerts power over Leo.

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Full Recap

At a train station, Hester and Max charge while Leo listens to calls placed to the emergency dispatch line. He overhears a woman complaining about her Synth, a Sally model, running out on her. He sends the Synth a direct message, offering help.

At the police station, Tabitha tells Pete Drummond and Karen Voss about the same emergency call that Leo overheard and guesses it's an insurance scam. She notes that the Synth pushed a human, an action that a regularly hacked Synth would be unable to perform. Pete makes plans to meet Connor, the Seraphim dealer whose number Pete found on the hacker’s phone, and he tells Karen that "something big is happening" with conscious Synths.

At Ed Hooley's apartment, Mia and Ed lay post-coital in bed. "I feel happy," she says. Ed invites Mia to accompany him to visit his mother, though he’ll need to pretend he owns Mia.

At the Hawkins home, a child psychiatrist visits with Sophie. Afterwards, the psychiatrist mentions Juvenile Synthetic Overidentification Disorder to Joe and Laura and says Sophie has been displaying signs of mirroring behavior. Joe and Laura realize Sophie is struggling to separate Synth behavior from human behavior. The psychiatrist recommends more human contact with Sophie and limiting Sophie’s contact with Synths.

Upstairs, Odi looks at photos of the Hawkins family. He enters Sophie's bedroom and shows her how he folds clothes. Sophie tells him she's broken and mirrors his damaged arm.

At the care center, Ed is told he must pay an outstanding balance immediately for his mother’s care.

At home, Laura blames Joe and herself for not spending enough time with Sophie. She receives a call from work and cuts the conversation short. Joe makes a snide remark about Laura leaving to take care of Niska.

At Qualia, Dr. Athena Morrow tells "V" about her ex-husband, Gil. "V" says she likes thinking about him. Athena receives a lunch invitation from Milo Khoury, who's in the U.K.

Laura brings Astrid to Niska's chamber. Astrid shares her deep feelings for Niska and is stunned to learn she isn't human. Neha Patel observes the interaction. "To me, she is human," Astrid says. Niska quickly reacts by standing. The guards point their guns and Niska freezes.

At the care center, Mia introduces herself again to Diane, but as "Mia" instead of "Anita." She drops her Synth façade and comforts Diane. Mia leaves the two, so Ed may spend some time alone with his mother. Ed tells Diane that Mia makes him happy.

Leo, Max and Hester spot the conscious Sally model, but Hester warns against approaching. She suggests waiting instead to see if anyone shows up looking for the Sally, so they can follow them to the “Silo.” Max wants to comfort the scared Synth immediately, but Leo sides with Hester. Max balks at treating the Synth like bait and questions Leo's overall plan. "There are two Synths here. You're not one of them," he says. Max threatens to leave and Hester suggests they'd be a more "effective" team without him. "I hope you don't forget who you used to be," Max tells Leo before Max walks away.

Karen pays a visit to Emma Harris, the woman who called in about her Sally model Synth, but Emma claims there's no longer an issue. Karen presses Emma, who finally admits she was offered money to give up the Synth, named Veronica, and not report it to the police.

Leo and Hester watch security agents load Veronica into a van. They head back to their own car to follow behind and are led to Qualia.

At the café, Ed asks Mia to get him more money from the bank, but Mia shoots the idea down and promises they'll find another way. Danny walks in and questions Mia’s whereabouts the previous night. Mia says she returned to her owner. Danny chastises Ed for doing chores if he’s paying Mia to do them.

At school, Toby asks Renie for help with math. She agrees to come over later to his house to teach him.

At the police station, Astrid and Niska sit down to talk. Niska tells Astrid she lied because she didn't want Astrid to stop liking her. Later, Neha tells Laura that Niska will never get a trial even if she proves consciousness. Laura says there are other similar Synths out there who should be integrated into their world, but Neha cites her lack of evidence.

That night, Pete meets Connor in a dark alleyway. Connor questions Pete about the model he's selling and realizes he's been set-up. As Pete dials Karen for help, one of Connor's goons beats Pete.

At home, Joe asks Mattie for help hacking into his old job's computer system to find out why he was fired. Mattie finds an email chain discussing Joe's dismissal, and discovers it was written entirely by Synths.

Karen finds Pete. He tells her that Seraphim is more than just conscious Synths.

Joe confronts his old boss, Gavin, about the files he found. Gavin admits there was a "glitch" that got Joe fired and Joe accuses him of trying to keep it quiet. Gavin suggests Joe just "take the money." Joe agrees to do so because his family needs the money, but offers a warning about the dangers of machines.

The next day, Athena meets Milo for lunch.

At home, Mattie finds Odi near the front door. "I need to get out," he says. They go for a walk outside and Odi takes her to George Millican's old house.

Milo tells Athena about his troubling childhood, dealing with divorced parents, a drug addict mother and the foster care system. He mentions consciousness transference and Athena realizes that her work station is tracked. He debates firing Athena, but she claims she's on the brink of figuring out how to transfer human consciousness into a machine or body. "That is the next big leap forward," she says. Milo owns all of her research and information on his servers, but Athena says she can still help him "be the head of the company that figured out how to cheat death." She also tells him about David Elster's original Synths and how David brought Leo back to life. They toast to "cheating death."

Odi tells Mattie he remembers George's death, but felt nothing. "I feel something now," he says.

At home, Joe apologizes for being short with Laura. He promises they’ll figure out help for Sophie and assures her they're not bad parents.

Renie arrives at the Hawkins home and Sophie mimics her behavior.

In his room, Toby thanks Renie for her help and calls her a genius. She deflects the compliment and says she's "just built that way." He asks her to stay longer and she agrees.

A utility Synth arrives at the Hawkins home to read the electricity meter.

Back in Toby's room, Toby compliments Renie on her laugh. She grows uncomfortable and gets up to leave. Toby tells her he wants to get to know the "real" her.

Downstairs, the utility Synth suddenly addresses Laura directly and threatens her if she doesn't drop Niska's case. Joe tries to shut the Synth down, but the Synth shoves Joe out of the way. Odi walks in with Mattie and pushes the utility Synth to the ground and shuts him off.

At the café, Mia jokingly brings Ed a lottery ticket. She suggests they take a day trip together "where we can be ourselves.” Ed caresses her face, then shuts her down. Danny appears from the back room.