Season 2, Episode 2


Karen and Pete learn about a special Synth being sold for unprecedented amounts on the black market.

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At the Hawkins' home, Sophie Hawkins carefully makes her bed and precisely arranges her shoes in a row.

In the living room, Sophie is happy to see Niska again. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Laura considers the danger if she helps Niska with her trial. Though Joe offers support, Laura decides against it. Mattie confronts Niska about keeping a copy of the consciousness code and wonders why the Synths are awakening sporadically. "Perhaps our father designed it that way so the world would have time to adjust to what's coming," Niska says.

Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond and Karen Voss go furniture shopping together. Pete admits it throws him off that Karen, who is one of the original conscious Synths created by David Elster, "even cares about this stuff." But he offers his input anyway. Outside, Pete struggles to carry their items to the car, while Synths around him get items into their owners’ cars with ease.

At the Hawkins' home, Mattie researches online about David Elster and synthetic consciousness, but finds nothing. She broadens her search and finds an article about the death of George Millican.

At Qualia, Dr. Athena Morrow works in her new lab. She checks in with "V," who is growing more intelligent on Qualia's servers and is starting to understand concepts like family and happiness. “V” also mentions waterfalls. Athena asks her new boss, Milo Khoury, for a new conscious Synth to work on.

At their hideout, Leo worries about Mia being around humans and thinks the Hawkins made her too trusting. Max works on a laptop and finds a new lead on a conscious Synth who's been searching online about itself. The Synth is located 81 miles away, and Leo wants to pursue it. Meanwhile, in the shed, Hester suffocates the security agent they’re holding hostage until he offers information about a place called "the Silo," where the conscious Synths are being taken. Max and Leo hear his scream, run to the shed and reprimand Hester. Hester questions why the information was not "worth a moment of his pain."

Laura meets with Neha Patel, a top Barrister, to inquire about the logistics of trying a conscious Synth as a human. Neha initially scoffs at the idea, but Laura’s argument compels her to agree to an independent expert assessment to establish Niska's consciousness. If Niska can prove she's conscious, she'll get a trial. If she fails, she'll be terminated.

At Qualia, Athena attempts to upload “V” to a conscious Synth, who asks about the emotion it’s feeling: fear. During the transfer, the Synth starts spewing blue foam from its mouth and reaches for Athena’s hand. Athena shuts down the transfer and asks “V” if she’s all right. “V” responds that she is.

At the café, Mia overhears Ed Hooley talking to his friend Danny about how good-looking Mia is. Afterwards, Ed tells Mia he lied to Danny about his mother's health to spare his friend’s feelings. Mia tells Ed he's a good person and offers to run errands for him.

Mia visits Ed's mother, Diane, at the care unit. Mia remains in Synth mode until she realizes Diane suffers from early onset dementia. Mia, careful not to expose herself, takes Diane's hand and comforts her. "I know how you feel," Mia says. "Like you've gone too deep inside." Diane appreciates the human contact. Mia promises to look after Ed.

At the bank, while the bank teller is away from their desk, Mia secretly alters Ed’s loan application and updates his profile so he’s granted more money.

In the car, Laura explains the terms of Niska's case to her. Niska thinks someone is intentionally keeping the news about conscious Synths from leaking into the public. "If a thing can be free, it should be free," Niska says.

Laura drives Niska to the police station where she'll be held until her assessment. Niska is immediately surrounded by armed guards. She touches Astrid’s hairband and holds out her wrists in surrender.

At a recycling facility the next day, Mattie bribes an employee with a modified Synth in exchange for an old D-series she's looking for. The employee locates the Synth – it's Odi, George Millican's former Synth.

En route to school, Toby notices Renie, a teenage girl Synth in school uniform. He learns from a classmate that she's actually a "Synthie," a human who openly pretends to be a Synth.

Laura and Joe have a session with their Synth therapist. They share how they’ve been supporting each other lately and Joe acknowledges Laura's helpful nature. Laura smiles.

At home, Toby reads online about synthetic impersonation. Mattie successfully revives Odi and tells the family that she's working on him for a school project. Joe balks at Mattie changing Odi's clothes, but Mattie takes a dig at his own actions with Anita. Mattie mentions Niska was snooping around Laura's room.

Laura heads to her room to make sure the hard drive holding the consciousness code is still hidden away in her closet. After she leaves, Mattie appears and grabs the drive. Toby walks in and catches her. Mattie explains to him what the consciousness code does. She plans to awaken Odi and see what he knows about David Elster.

At Qualia, "V" notices Athena has been reading about Professor Edwin Hobb often. She tells "V" that Edwin is capable of writing code that could transform anomalous Synths, but has disappeared and is probably working on classified government work. Milo walks into Athena's lab to prepare her wrecked conscious Synth for incineration. Athena mentions she needs to speak to some people in the U.K. and swiftly dismisses him. Milo asks about Athena's attitude towards him and she admits Milo could instead be dedicating his efforts and resources towards making the world a better place. Milo says what he has in mind is "purer than you can imagine."

At the police station, a guard teases Niska.

In bed, Joe talks about his trouble looking for a decent job and Laura shares her distress over whether she should help Niska. They listen to each other, then kiss and embrace.

At the café the next day, Ed confronts Mia about his loan application and she comes clean about her involvement. Ed wonders how Mia is able to lie and asks if she's broken. As she turns to go, Ed grabs her hand. Pulling away her hand, Mia accidentally burns it on a hot grill and cries out in pain. Before she can explain her behavior, Ed orders her to leave.

At the hideout, Max begs Leo to free the security agent. "Maybe it's time to be what they say we are," Leo says. "This is a fight." Mia returns to the hideout and Leo tells her about the Silo. Mia lectures Leo. "We've hardly lived ourselves. We're children,” she says.

At home, Karen and Pete sit down for a meal. Pete reads about a stolen Synth being sold for $100,000. Karen says she's ready to get back to work and assures Pete that Hobb's operation was dismantled and no one is on to her.

In bed, Pete tells Karen that she doesn't have to pretend for him. "I know what you are," he says. They kiss.

At the police station, Laura walks in for Niska's assessment after deciding to represent her.

At the hideout, Max awakens from a disturbing dream. He heads to the shed and frees the security agent. From the shadows, Hester watches and follows the agent into the woods. She attacks him and says she doesn't feel any guilt. As he struggles to get away, she pushes his head down into a muddy puddle until he drowns.