Season 2, Episode 1


Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin, while in the UK, Leo, Max and Mia are in a coastal hideout.

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Full Recap

Niska, now a redhead, walks into a nightclub in Berlin, Germany. A young woman named Astrid comments on how she’s seen Niska in the club before but Niska never dances or speaks to anyone. Niska initially brushes her off, but ends up taking her back to her place.

At Niska's apartment, Niska covers her charging port with a band-aid to keep her Synth identity a secret. Astrid kisses Niska, who doesn't reciprocate. Astrid pulls away and asks Niska if she really wants this, and Niska embraces her.

The next morning, Niska uncovers the hard drive she hid that holds the code which allows Synths to become conscious. Astrid holds one of Niska's books and asks Niska why she’s living in Berlin “with only dead white guys for company.” Niska tells Astrid she’s hoping they will help her "make a decision." Astrid pries for more information, but Niska remains quiet.

At a café, Niska asks Astrid about her interest in women, if she was “made that way,” and if she'd create life if she could. Astrid assumes she's talking about having children and assures her anyone can raise a child. "You just show them the way," Astrid tells her.

At an Internet Café, Niska uploads the consciousness code to a global file-sharing website. She studies Synths around her, but nothing has changed.

In Bolivia, a group of Synth miners chip away at a rock. Suddenly, a male Synth drops his hammer. In Spanish, the awakened Synth tells a human foreman he wants "to go up" and rides the lift out of the mine.
In London six weeks later, workers renovate the Hawkins family's new home. As Joe Hawkins puts up family photos, his wife Laura says it "doesn't really feel like a fresh start." Joe suggests giving it time.

Laura enters her youngest daughter Sophie's room and notices a pair of shoes that belonged to their old Synth, Anita. Sophie says she's keeping them in case Anita comes back.

At Hooley's Cafe, Mia – disguising herself as Synth Anita – sweeps the floors as the café owner, Ed, stresses over a phone call about finances. He makes plans to visit his mother at the care unit and Mia presents him with a plate of food to bring. Grateful, Ed pays Mia for her services.

At a chemical plant in Nottingham, a female Synth worker named Hester becomes conscious and steals a cell phone from the locker room. She sees another Synth model that looks just like her with a severely damaged face. A human worker reaches for her, but she pushes him to the ground and runs. Hester searches online for information about herself and receives a message that reads, "We can help."
Laura and Joe wait inside a clinic for their couples counseling session. A receptionist informs them that their usual therapist is out, but a Synth therapist is available.

During the therapy session, Laura tells Joe she still doesn't understand why Joe slept with Anita. Joe admits he was drunk, lonely and wanted to be noticed.

Hester uses her cell phone to find Max and Leo. She tells them she's experiencing a catastrophic malfunction, but Leo assures her she doesn't "need fixing." The Synth from Bolivia, named Ten, appears and verifies Max and Leo's story about the consciousness code upload. Two humans track down Hester, and Leo warns Hester the humans will shut her down if she goes with them. The group makes a run for it, but they encounter two security officers. Leo steps in front of Hester to protect her from being shot with a Taser. Hester and Ten immobilize the two guards. From a distance, a woman shoots Ten in the head with a rifle. Leo, Hester and Max steal the officers' van and drive off.

At Hooley's, Mia makes calculations and proposes a financial plan that would help cover Ed’s bills for his mother’s care. Mia says she "wanted” to help, then covers up her gaffe by saying her programming adopts informal language she hears in her environment.

At a warehouse, Joe meets with Gavin, his boss. Joe’s role as a regional distribution manager is being transformed into a non-human one to save money.

On the road, Leo removes Hester's tracker and disables her sharing capabilities. The trio discovers one of the security officers hiding in the back of the van and decides to take him along, instead of leaving him on the side of the road.

In Berlin, Niska and Astrid lie post-coital in bed. Astrid gives Niska one of her hairbands and deems them an official couple. She asks to see Niska's scar, unaware that it’s actually a charging port. Niska pulls away and Astrid leaves, disappointed by Niska's constant defensiveness.

In San Francisco, Dr. Athena Morrow works with a computer engineer in her lab at the California Institute of Technology. They discuss the possibility of deleting a talking computer named “Q” in order to make room for another one named “V.” Athena addresses "V," who is having trouble processing information.

In Berlin, Niska rides the tram and watches a newscast about a Synth tram driver who abandoned passengers because he wanted to look at birds. She realizes her plan to awaken Synths is working. Later, Niska meets Astrid and says she's "needed elsewhere" so she can "show others the way." She apologizes and says goodbye.

Tech billionaire Milo Khoury makes a surprise visit to Athena's lab. He takes an interest in “V” and asks the computer if she's sentient. “V” says she isn't. Milo comments on Athena's dwindling lab and offers Athena a job at his company, Qualia, where she'd work with conscious synthetics. Athena says no one has made advancements in the field, but Milo hints that she wouldn't be starting from scratch and he can share more information once she signs his non-disclosure agreements. After Milo leaves, “V” asks Athena why she requested “V” lie to Milo.

At a hideout, Leo interrogates the security officer but is unable to get any information. Mia appears and Leo keeps the officer a secret from her. After learning Ten is dead, Mia fears for all of their safety and tells Leo it's not his job to save the awakened Synths. Leo reminds Mia that she herself is in danger by being around humans who might catch onto her real identity. Mia admits she wants to be around people to discover who she is.

Hester talks to Max and tries to make sense of her new emotions.

Athena tours Qualia and interacts with one of Milo's conscious Synths, who is drawing a picture. Milo explains how he found the Synth, named Artie, in its awakened state and needs help understanding it more. Athena also guesses Milo wants to reverse engineer the process to make profit.

At the Hawkins' house, Laura says the family’s move is a good thing, but her oldest daughter Mattie says she can’t forget Anita and the others. Toby, the middle sibling, agrees. "It's pretty hard trying to be normal when we know what we know," he says. Joe takes the moment to tell the family that he's been fired.

In bed, Joe tells Laura he wants her to have a good opinion of him, although he knows he's still on Mattie's bad side.

In the middle of the night, the Hawkins' doorbell rings. It's Niska. Now back to her blonde hair, Niska wishes to face justice for the murder she committed at the brothel. She wants to be tried as a human would be, with equal rights, and wants Laura to help her.