Season 1, Episode 7

Episode 7

After Karen hunts down Niska, can George save Niska from Karen's radical aim? The Synths stay with the Hawkins family, but Hobb is not far behind.

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Full Recap

Karen looks out over London from the roof of a tall building. She recalls a memory in which David Elster first introduces her to Mia, Fred, Niska, Max and Leo. In her memory, Leo becomes distressed and David Elster orders her to leave. She looks at herself in a mirror: She has the same long hair as the woman in Leo’s memories.

At the Hawkins house, Mia says that Leo and Max should have returned by then. Mia tells Laura she was made to love Leo like a son. She says that though she was trapped inside Anita’s body, being with the Hawkins has showed Mia what it’s like to be a family. Laura says they’re not the best example, but Mia says that Laura only doubts her family’s love because her own mother couldn’t love her. They hug.

Joe walks up to the house. He tells Laura he wants to be there for the kids, even if they hate him. Mia introduces herself to Joe and explains that she’s a conscious Synthetic.

Pete walks through Karen’s house, which is mostly empty. He discovers a note on the counter that reads, “Don’t look for me.”

Karen knocks on George’s door. She tells George she wants to see Niska. George says there’s no one there but him and Vera, but Karen forces her way into the house. “Beatrice?” asks Niska when she sees Karen. “I was never her,” Karen replies.

Pete searches for information about David Elster online. He finds a newspaper clipping about his wife and son’s deaths. The woman in the picture looks exactly like Karen.

Karen explains to George that after Leo rejected her, David realized he’d gone too far. He took her into the woods to destroy her, but he couldn’t do it. Karen asks Niska why the other Synths didn’t look for her. Niska says that David told them she was dead, and that same night he killed himself, but Niska tells Karen they’ll be together now. George asks Karen what she wants and Karen puts a gun on the table. She says she can’t kill herself because David wrote a block into her root code, to ensure she would never take her own life like Beatrice did. Niska tells Karen that the consciousness file could help them take their place in the world. When Niska refuses to tell Karen how it works until Karen agrees to join them, Karen points the gun at Niska. Niska hides in the house. Karen shoots Vera and corners Niska. George stops her from killing Niska, but gets shot himself. Karen flees from the house. Niska tries to save George, but he tells her she needs to go. Odi walks downstairs and finds George. Odi recalls memories about George’s wife, Mary, as George passes away.

Leo finds Fred in a museum. Leo tells Fred that Max fell into the river. Fred analyzes river maps and current velocities to determine Max’s exact location.

Niska arrives at the Hawkins’ house. Mia introduces Niska to the Hawkins as her sister.

Fred locates Max on the side of the river. They carry him away to safety.

Hobb investigates George’s house. He tells a police officer to download Odi’s memories and then scrap him.

Leo and Fred return with Max. They put him on the Hawkins’ kitchen table. Niska offers her synthetic blood and the Hawkins all pool their resources to revive Max. They restore his reserve power to sustainable levels, but must wait to see if he’ll wake up after becoming fully charged.

While they wait for Max to wake up, Fred, Toby and Joe play soccer. While playing, Fred seems to freeze. Joe asks if Fred crashed. Fred returns to normal and says they should go inside.

Hobb gets into his car after investigating George’s house. “It was an accident,” Karen says from the back seat. Hobb recalls her as the detective from the brothel, but Karen says that’s not how he really knows her. “Beatrice?” he says. Karen says that David made her to replace Beatrice. Karen says she wants to help Hobb stop the other Synths. Hobb says he’ll know where to find them soon.

A police car arrives at the Hawkins’ door. Joe answers and the policewoman asks about the call Joe made the night before. He says he hasn’t seen the young man he called about since. When he closes the door, the Hawkins and Synths argue with Joe until Mia says that they would have done the same thing.

At the dinner table, the Synths explain to Mia about the consciousness file. Leo says it might be a way to give consciousness to other Synths.

In the morning, Leo powers on Max, but Max malfunctions. Leo says there’s holes in his root code and that he’s dying. They might have a chance to save Max, though, if they connect with each other and use the consciousness file to restore Max’s mind. Meanwhile, Laura and Joe turn to watch the news, which plays a video of Niska attacking the patrons of the Smash Club and links her to the murder at the brothel. Laura tells the Synths they need to leave.

Leo goes into the kitchen to grab his bag. He sees Karen, who has come in through the back door. She tells him not to be frightened and to go with her. “You look so much like her,” he says. He takes her hand. When Karen pulls Leo past the Hawkins and the Synths in the living room, Niska tells him not to go with her because she’s lying. She explains how Karen tried to kill her at George’s house.

Suddenly, a swarm of armed men burst into the Hawkins’ home, led by Hobb.