Season 1, Episode 6

Episode 6

Laura and Mattie's relationship reaches a breaking point. Karen decides to tell Pete the truth - but can he handle it?

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Full Recap

Fred wakes up in a country house guarded by armed men. Hobb tells Fred about the consciousness file, and says he wants to continue David’s work.

Mattie asks Laura about Tom and accuses Laura of sleeping with someone else. Mattie says Laura needs to tell the truth if she wants people to stick around.

Niska shuts Vera off and threatens George with a knife, but George says he doesn’t take orders from Niska. Niska says that George should be scared of her, but George says that would be a waste of his time. Suddenly, Odi rings the doorbell and collapses at the door.

Hobb tells Fred he’s still a prisoner because Fred hasn’t agreed to help Hobb yet. Fred tells Hobb he’s underestimating him, then shoves his hand through the door and forces the guard on the other side unconscious. Fred seizes the taser gun and shoots Hobb. He shoots the men surrounding the country house and drives away.

George fixes Odi. Niska asks him why he cares about Odi. George says Odi can’t love him, but he sees all the years of love looking back at him. Niska decides to helps him.

When Mattie doesn’t come home after school, Laura drives to Harun’s house with Anita and finds Mattie there. Mattie won’t come home until Laura tells the truth.

George looks after Odi with Niska. Niska tells George that she’s only nine years old, but says that David Elster didn’t always treat her like the child she is. George tells Niska that he’ll do everything he can to help her.

Laura and Mattie sit on a bench in a park. Laura shows Mattie a picture of a little boy and tells Mattie that it’s of Tom, her brother. Laura says he was hit by a car when she was supposed to be watching him and her mother never forgave her. Mattie is shocked to learn that she has a grandmother who’s still alive, but Laura says she wants nothing to do with the family. She told Laura that she wished Laura had died instead. Every time she tried to tell anyone her secret, Laura thought her mom was right.

Laura and Mattie hug, and Mattie says she’s glad Laura told her. Mattie asks what Tom was like. Suddenly, Anita speaks – but it is actually the human-like Mia bursting from within. She introduces herself to Laura and says the Anita personality identifies her as rogue code. Laura says machines can’t feel. Mia says that Laura fears deep down that she’s like her mother, but she’s not. “My brother died, too. My son, I mean.” The Anita personality suddenly regains control of Mia’s body and offers to drive them home as if nothing happened.

Max prays in the abandoned building. He says he doesn’t know if God is there or listens to “things like me,” but asks for his brothers and sisters to be safe. Mattie walks in looking for Leo. They go searching for him and find Leo unconscious by the side of a river.

Pete tells Karen he might have a lead on the Killer Synth case: a cabbie reported a runner matching Niska’s description who left blue Synth fluid on the upholstery. Karen says she could kiss him.

In their hideout, Max hooks Leo to a charger. Mattie is shocked to discover Leo is partly Synthetic and almost leaves. Max says she doesn’t need to be afraid.

When Leo wakes up, Mattie says Mia is alive, but she won’t tell him anything about Mia unless he explains what he is. He hooks his cable to a TV and shows Mattie his digitized memories. He explains that his father moved them into isolation because of his mother’s illness, and that David Elster created Mia and the rest of the sentient Synths to take care of him. Mattie sees the memory of Leo trapped in a submerged car, but then the memories stop. Leo says that’s when he died. He says his father made his body and brain partly Synthetic to keep him alive, and digitized his memories.

At the Hawkins house, Joe comes back and tells Laura that Toby told him about Anita’s real personality. Suddenly, Mattie walks in with Leo and Max. Mattie explains that Leo is Mia’s former owner. Laura tells Joe to leave.

Leo hooks Anita up to a laptop again. Mattie says that Mia’s root code might be translated into pure sensory data. When Leo accesses this, Mia wakes up, fully in control of her body. She hugs Leo. Mia thanks Laura and the Hawkins family.

Later, Laura asks Leo if her family is safe. She says that she’ll help them.

Karen talks with the cabbie. He tells her where Niska ran away from the cab.

Later, Pete tells Karen that Jill filed for divorce and they drink wine together. She tells him she followed the cabbie lead and Pete says the address is near George’s house.

Later, Pete tells Karen good night. She kisses him.

Fred calls Leo from a phone booth. Leo is worried Fred might have a tracker in him, but Fred says he’s clean. Leo says he’ll meet him. Mia wants to go with Leo and Max, but Laura tells Mia to stay since no one knows she’s there.

Outside, Joe calls the police on Leo and Max as they drive away to retrieve Fred.

After they’ve had sex, Karen tells Pete that he’s her favorite person in the world. Then she reveals that she’s a Synth. Pete rushes out of the room.

A police car pulls over Leo and Max. When Leo sees Hobb approaching, he speeds away. At a bridge, Max and Leo leave the car and run away on foot. Suddenly, Max hops over the bridge’s railing, ready to jump into the river below. Max says he’s only at 4% power and that Hobb’s men will either catch just him, or the both of them. Leo tells Max that if he jumps, he’ll shut down in the water and never be found. Max says, “If I die, that means I lived.” He jumps.