Season 1, Episode 5

Episode 5

With Karen on her tail, Leo sends Niska to George's house and an unlikely friendship begins. Joe's secret threatens to destroy the Hawkins family.

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Full Recap

Niska meets with Leo and Max to talk about the file hidden in their consciousness. Leo thinks it may bring consciousness to other Synths, but it needs all of them to work. Niska wants to help find Mia and Fred, but Leo says she has to hide with a human. He gives her an address where she will be safe.

Mattie asks Anita if the word “Mia” means anything to her. Anita says no. Laura and Joe tell the kids that Anita is fourteen years old and they need to give her away. The kids vote to keep her. Surprisingly, Laura agrees.

Pete and Karen head to the police department amidst a field of paparazzi demanding to know more about the Synth murder. The police commissioner tells Karen to speak with the press. Before she leaves, she asks about an incident at the Smash Club. When the commissioner brushes it off, Karen investigates more about the incident online and finds someone with a video of Niska beating the audience.

Niska knocks on the door of George’s house. She says Leo Elster sent her and George invites her in. Vera believes Niska is a Synth, but Niska insists she’s a human. When Vera leaves, Niska tells George she is indeed a conscious Synth, made by David Elster.

Joe calls Persona Synthetics to come and pick up Anita, but Mattie drives away with Anita in the family car.

Mattie brings Anita to Leo and Max in an abandoned building. Leo hugs Anita, but she doesn’t recognize him. Leo hooks a cable into Anita and attaches her to a computer. He looks for Mia’s personality within the Anita programming code.

George asks Niska how David Elster created her. She says 17 thousand pages of unique code engage her consciousness. George admits he feels threatened by Niska, and tells her how he created the first Synths but left the program when David Elster wanted to create consciousness. When George tells Niska that David made her hard and uncaring, she says her experiences have formed her, just as his have formed him.

Mattie and Leo look for Mia’s personality buried in the Anita code. They turn Anita back on, but she still does not recognize Leo.

Karen asks the Smash Club director about Niska’s attack. He gives her video of it.

Hobb plays the audio file from the phone call he intercepted between Niska and Leo at the Smash Club. Hobb explains to the executives that David succeeded in creating consciousness proliferation that needs all of them to be activated. The executives tell Hobb that he must destroy Fred so that the other Synths cannot successfully complete the file.

Leo says that Mia is dead because he cannot find her within the Anita personality. Mattie takes Anita home.

At the Hawkins’ house, Mattie looks through the diagnostic results. She discovers that the Adult Mode was activated on the Saturday she went to the party. She accuses Toby of having sex with Anita. Toby says he didn’t do it, but when Laura calls Persona Synthetics, he concedes that he did.

Joe comes home after looking for Mattie. Laura tells him that Toby slept with Anita.

A jogger finds Odi in the woods. The jogger calls the police and Pete answers. When Pete finds the spot in the forest, Odi is gone.

At the lab, Hobb apologizes to an unconscious Fred before initiating a procedure.

Joe asks Toby why he would lie about sleeping with Anita. Toby says he couldn’t let Laura figure out the truth – that it was Joe.

Niska cleans her wound at George’s house. George helps her until Pete knocks on the door. Pete asks about Odi, saying he found him in the woods and has to give George a fine. Niska takes a pair of scissors and hides. Pete hears a creak and investigates the house. He almost finds Niska, who is ready to stab him with the scissors, but Vera walks in from her shopping trip. Vera says no other Synthetics have been in the house and Pete leaves.

Joe tells Laura that he’s the one who slept with Anita. He explains that he just wanted to see what would happen and that it was an accident. Joe says he didn’t cheat because Anita’s not a real person. Laura is appalled that Joe would call the thing that looks after their children a “sex toy.” Joe demands to know who Tom is, and Laura screams at him to get out of the house.

Niska sees Hobb in the picture of David’s team and demands to know who he is. Niska asks why George is afraid. She sees that he has read the newspaper about the Killer Synth.

Hobb shows the executives a burned Synthetic body on the examining table where Fred had been.