Season 1, Episode 4

Episode 4

Joe gets too close to the beautiful Anita, whilst Karen is not what she seems. Leo gets one step closer to finding Mia and Niska wreaks revenge...

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Full Recap

At the Hawkins home, Mattie asks Anita if she's had any errors since the night Mattie hacked into Anita's code. Anita says she hasn't experienced any malfunctions. Laura asks what happened and Mattie explains. Laura asks if Synths can get scared. "What would be the point?" Mattie says.

At work, Laura hears about a case of a woman trying to sue for her Synth's human rights. The woman says her Synth is special.

Jill tells Pete he doesn't make her happy anymore and she wants time apart. Pete blames Simon and walks out.

Hobb interrogates Silas. When Hobb shows Silas a photo of Anita, he tells Hobb that he explained he doesn't know where she is, just like he told Leo. He tells Hobb about how Leo and Max came looking for Anita and how Max hit Silas's bodyguard. Hobb realizes he's looking for four Synths and a human and has the backpacks tested for human DNA.

Leo and Max steal a car and track the coordinates from the file of Anita's root code that Mattie uploaded.

Mattie and Toby go to a party. Laura tells Joe she's leaving for a work-related obligation. After Laura leaves, Joe asks Anita to track Laura's car. Suspicious that Laura isn't at a work function, Joe says he's going to find her. Anita abruptly says that Laura confirmed a meeting at a woman's house regarding her lawsuit.

At the woman's house, Laura asks the woman why she thinks her Synth is "special." She says he's not just another Synth because he enjoys theatre. Laura asks the Synth how he feels when he watches a play. He describes plot. When pressed, he can't articulate any emotions at all.

Meanwhile, Joe activates the Adult Mode in Anita and he sleeps with her. He tells her to delete the incident from her records and he says she isn't allowed to mention it to anyone.

Laura comes home and apologizes for arguing with Joe. She says she wants to take Anita in for a diagnostic test in the morning.

Karen walks into her office and finds Pete sleeping on the sofa. He explains his troubles with Jill and Simon. "I'm an analog man in a digital world," Pete says. Karen offers Pete her sofa to sleep on while he works things out with Jill.

Mattie logs into her account on the hacker forum. She has a new message from a user asking to meet up about the root code she uploaded.

At a cafe, Leo and Max wait for Mattie to arrive, not realizing she has given them a fake description and is already sitting next to them. When she reveals herself, Max asks if Mia is with her. Leo shows her a picture of Anita. "I thought you were here to help me with my Synth, not yours," she says. "I think your Synth is my Synth," Leo says. She explains that they just bought Anita two weeks ago. Mattie tries to leave, but Leo prevents it. Sensing trouble, she goes to the bathroom but leaves her bag behind. Max shows Leo an image of a tree that he finds in Mia's root code. Leo notices Mattie has been gone for too long, and they suddenly realize she has left a decoy bag.

At the diagnostic test, Laura and Joe ask the technician about Anita. The technician reveals that Anita is over fourteen years old, even though the Hawkins bought her "brand new" just a few weeks prior.

Leo and Max investigate the meaning of the tree in Mia's root code. Max looks up members of David Elster's original team who are still alive and finds the address for Dr. George Millican.

In an abandoned parking lot, Pete meets with the reporter. He explains the brothel case is the single biggest murder scoop in the history of the country, and Pete will give him the exclusive story.

Leo and Max go to George's house. George almost turns them away, but Leo says he knew David Elster. Leo shows George the image of the tree buried in Mia's rootcode. George says David loved to leave messages buried in the code of Synths. He discovers that the code is actually an executable file only a Synth can engage. George demands to know who Leo is and threatens to call the police. Leo reveals he's David Elster's son. George says David's son died. Leo walks out.

Niska goes to a Smash Club and buys a round in the ring. When it's her turn to beat the Synths, she picks up a baseball bat and starts beating the human audience members instead.

In Hobb's lab, the DNA results from the backpacks come back. The closest DNA match is David Elster. Hobb receives a call about Niska's attack on the Smash Club and leaves to investigate.

At the Smash Club, all the people have fled. Niska attempts to free the captive Synths, but they won't move. Hobb's team arrives and chases Niska.

Leo and Max return to the abandoned building. Leo attaches himself to the computer and runs the program George discovered in Mia's root code. Max asks what he saw. Leo answers, "Life."

While running from Hobb's men, Niska receives a call from Leo, who explains that the program could be a way to bring consciousness to more Synths, but that it requires all of the sentient Synths to run it together. Niska escapes from Hobb's men.

Karen makes Pete a place to sleep on her sofa. Then, she goes into her room and pulls a string out of her throat attached to a fake stomach. With mechanical, Synth-like movements, she throws it away.