Season 1, Episode 3

Episode 3

Anita saves Toby's life - but is there something strange about her? George tries to break free and Pete is angry at the brothel murder cover-up.

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Full Recap

Hobb asks Fred about Anita and the other Synths in his memory files. But Fred hides his thoughts from Hobb.

Joe and Toby come home to discover that Laura has just left to return Anita. Toby rides after them on his bike.

Laura and Anita are stuck in traffic. Anita sees Toby racing towards them, but also sees a van pulling out right in front of him. In seconds, Anita steps out of the car and walks in front of the van before it collides with Toby, taking the hit herself instead.

Max and Leo break into an abandoned building. Leo tells Max to set up online searches to find Mia. On the radio, they hear about the murder at the brothel Niska was hiding in.

At the brothel, Pete and Karen question the madam. She shows them a picture of Niska.

Niska sits at a charging station in a mall. Then, she discreetly steals a shopper's clothes and puts on colored contacts to disguise herself as a human.

Joe, Mattie and Sophie drive to meet Laura, Toby and Anita at the scene of the accident. Laura walks the bike home while Joe drives the family back in their car.

George tells Vera he needs her help cleaning one of his rooms, but while she is distracted, he locks her inside. He finds Odi in the shed and gets in the car with Odi. Vera sees them from the window and she rips the door knob out of the locked door. As Vera closes in on them, George tells Odi to drive away.

At the Hawkins house, Anita tells Joe he needs to make a full inspection of her epidermis to check for damages from the car accident. In the garage, Anita removes her clothes. Joe awkwardly identifies the damages on Anita's naked body while Toby eavesdrops outside.

The police chief arrives at the crime scene in the brothel. Karen explains that an illegal mod couldn't account for Niska's behavior. However, the police chief insists the death was an accident involving an illegally modified Synth, explaining that Hobb is mandating a cover-up. Pete confronts Hobb outside, who explains that news of the murder would cause panic. A journalist bursts onto the scene and Pete violently throws him down a flight of stairs. The chief suspends Pete from duty and orders Karen to handle the case alone.

Niska meets Leo and Max at their rendezvous point to say goodbye. She accuses Leo of keeping them prisoner. "I practically am one of you," he says. "Really? Would you have asked a human woman to stay in that place?" she says. Leo says the authorities will find her and destroy her. She walks away from them.

George and Odi drive through a wooded path. Odi malfunctions and tries to leave the car while it's in motion, crashing them into a tree. George tells Odi to go into the woods and hide. George sits in the driver's seat and pretends to be unconscious as a passerby comes to check on him.

Niska goes to a bar and orders a drink. A man flirts with her.

At the Hawkins house, Anita tells Laura that Sophie wants her to read a bedtime story instead of Anita. When Laura is done reading to Sophie, Sophie asks if she's happy now, saying Anita thought Laura was sad and that reading to Sophie would cheer her up. Mattie overhears this in the next room.

Meanwhile, the man from the bar, Greg, brings Niska back to his apartment. He says he's single and offers her a drink. Niska asks if he wants to take her to bed, but he says he'd like to talk first because he's interested in her. Niska asks for the bathroom, where she finds women's hair ties. She grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen. But then she finds Greg in the living room picking up toys; he apologizes and says he just had his young daughter over that weekend. Niska walks out while his back is turned, leaving the knife on the sofa.

While Anita is charging, Mattie attaches Anita's cable to her computer. Anita tells Mattie that her programming could be irreparably damaged while Anita's code fills the screen. Suddenly, Anita stops talking. Mattie examines her, and then Anita grabs Mattie's hand and says, "I'm here. Help me, help me!" Mattie quickly yanks the cable out of her computer and Anita returns to normal.

In the morning, Laura tells Anita to sit with her in the kitchen. She asks Anita if she's been illegally modified, which might explain her unusual behavior. Laura says one of the most common modifications is programming your Synth to act like it feels pain. Anita tells Laura that her eye is the ideal part of the body to test for pain modification, so she takes a toothpick and pierces her own eye, but doesn't react. When Laura asks Anita what she meant when she said, "I will always keep Sophie safe," Anita says that she can take better care of the children than Laura can, but she cannot love them. "Do you wish you could?" Laura asks. Instead of answering, Anita asks Laura who Tom is. Laura angrily tells her to never mention that name again. Joe overhears the conversation from the hall.

Mattie asks for help analyzing Anita's code in an Internet hacker forum and uploads a copy of Anita's root code.

Max finds the file that Mattie uploaded while scanning the Internet for signs of Mia. Leo finally tracks Mia's location.