Season 1, Episode 2

Episode 2

Niska stages a brutal escape from the brothel and Leo's secret is revealed. George is horrified to be given a new synth, Vera.

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Full Recap

In the morning, Laura asks Sophie why she changed pajamas and why her other ones are wet. Sophie says she didn't change, but Laura is suspicious.

Fred lies on an examining table in a lab. The lab technician shows Hobb one of Fred's most-played memory files. The video features Anita.

Laura looks at a scrapbook she hid in the back of her closet. She jumps when she sees Anita watching her through a mirror. Laura asks Anita why she washed her shoes. Anita says they became soiled after walking outside in the morning. Still suspicious, Laura says she's watching Anita. "I'm watching you too, Laura," Anita says.

In Silas's junker workshop, Leo pretends to know an associate who works with Silas and asks Silas questions about Anita. Silas says that associate owes him money and attacks Leo. Leo puts a knife to Silas's throat and demands to know what happened to Anita. Silas says he gave her a new personality. Silas's bodyguard throws Leo to the ground and he and Silas start punching and kicking Leo. Max hits Silas's bodyguard in the head with a pipe. Leo tells Max to run, and Leo hobbles behind him. Leo throws himself over a balcony to escape and Max catches him, carrying him away to safety.

The doorbell rings at George Millican's house. George tells Odi to hide in the shed. The case worker has brought George the new Vera model. When Odi appears at the window, George feigns a heart attack to distract Vera from seeing him.

At school, Mattie and her friend, Harun, try to hack into the school janitor Synth by following directions on a hacker forum. The Synth says that the school board has been notified that he has been tampered with.

Laura is called into the school principal's office with Mattie. The principal says Mattie must have been the one who hacked the Synth, because no one else in the school is smart enough to know where to begin. Laura interrupts to defend Mattie, saying no evidence has been presented. She and Mattie leave together.

After school, Mattie sits by a golf course with Harun and watches a Synth carry bags for a golfer. She remarks that it's stupid to have Synths be caddies when they could hit a hole-in-one every time. Mattie says she wishes her mom would just be honest with her instead of treating her like a problem to solve. When Harun says his dad hates him, Mattie kisses Harun.

Vera brings George a bowl of vegetable soup in his workshop. George tells Vera she needs to run a diagnostic check since he asked for toast. Vera says the vegetable soup is in current keeping with George's dietary requirements. Fed up with Vera, George calls to have her returned, but hangs up when he realizes the voice on the phone is a Synth as well.

Karen and Pete arrive at Silas's workshop. Silas is in custody, but he says he's seen some weird Synths. Pete throws Silas against the car until Silas screams for help. Karen takes Pete aside to demand to know what's wrong. Pete explains the Synths are screwing everything up. "Oh, really? Because all of the bad things ever done to me were done by other people," Karen says.

Max takes a badly beaten Leo to the junkyard where they've stored their supplies. They hear the sound of footsteps as Hobb's men look through the cars. Max and Leo leave the area as Hobb and his men find Leo and Max's backpacks.

As Laura and Joe have dinner in the kitchen, Laura sees Anita hovering outside of the door. Anita says she is doing the ironing but she is holding her hands clasped in front of her. Laura opens Anita's hands to reveal a large spider. Laura accuses Anita of scaring her on purpose.

Vera forces George to take medication. She says any noncompliance will be reported to his GP. George tells Vera she's not a carer; she's a jailer. He tells Vera that he helped create Synths and David Elster would be sickened if he saw what they'd become.

While Vera is charging, George sneaks out of the house to the shed, where Odi has turned on the light. He tells Odi he needs to stay hidden. In the house, Vera wakes up. George tells Odi to go into energy saving mode. Vera asks George what he's doing just as he throws a blanket over Odi. Vera pushes him back into the house while George proclaims she's not allowed to touch him.

At the brothel, Niska becomes angry when a client asks her to act like a young, scared child. She crushes his windpipe and presses the dead man's fingerprints on the keypad to unlock the door. When the Madam confronts her, Niska holds the Madam at knifepoint and says, "Everything your men do to us, they want to do to you." Niska then cuts her own tracking device out of her neck and hurries away from the brothel.

Max carries Leo into a gas station bathroom. He unscrews the lightbulb and connects a Synth charger to the light's power supply. He then pulls a wire out of Leo's wound and connects Leo's wire to the charger.

At breakfast, Laura asks Anita if she took Sophie outside. When Anita says no, Laura asks her if she's lying. Anita says, "I will always keep Sophie safe." Laura calls the Synthetics company and asks if it's possible for Synths to have accidents. Anita hears Sophie crying and goes into Sophie's room. Anita tells Sophie she can't touch her without Laura's permission. But when Sophie tells her to cuddle, Anita puts her arms around Sophie. Anita has a flashback of a young boy trapped in a car underwater.

When she sees Anita hugging Sophie, Laura orders Anita to get in the car. Laura tells Anita that she is taking Anita back. Anita smiles.