Season 1, Episode 1

Premiere Episode

The Hawkins family buys a Synth, Anita. But are they in danger from this machine and the young man Leo who seems desperate to find her?

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Full Recap

In London, Joe Hawkins cleans up breakfast for his three children: Mattie, Toby and Sophie. The eldest daughter, Mattie Hawkins, asks why their mother, Laura, isn't back yet. "You know why," Joe says, "The case is running over." Joe receives an incoming text from Laura that she won't be back until the next day. Joe sighs and tells his youngest, Sophie, that they're going shopping.

Joe buys a Synth - a robotic servant that looks exactly like a human. "This is the best thing you will do for your family," the salesman says. The Synth shakes hands with Joe and her eyes change to a glowing green. "Hello, Joe. I am now securely bonded to you as my primary user," she says.

Laura returns home from her business trip to see a row of shoes neatly lined up. Sophie and Toby run up to greet their mother. Mattie turns and walks away. "Well, two out of three pleased to see me, I'll take that," Laura says.

"Hello, you must be Laura," the Synth says. Laura looks at Joe, who takes Laura into the kitchen. Laura says that the Synth will mess with their kids' heads, but Joe refuses to take it back; he says she doesn't have the right to come back into the house and dictate what the family needs. The kids decide to name the Synth Anita.

Five Weeks Earlier: A group of Synths move through the woods. The Hawkins' Synth, Anita, is among them. Their leader, Leo, says they need to get off the road. He tells the Synths to set up camp while he and another Synth, Max, find more supplies. The group splits into two; Anita hugs Leo before leaving with the other Synths.

Later, Leo and Max return to the camp to find it empty. Anita and the other Synths have been stolen and dragged into a van, which Max spots in the distance. Leo and Max chase after the van, but it drives away through the woods towards the London skyline.

In the present, the Hawkins family wakes up to an elaborate breakfast made by Anita. Mattie orders Anita to get her sugar, but Laura tells her that Anita is not a slave. "That's exactly what she is," Mattie says. Joe makes a joke to lighten the mood; when Laura apologizes for Joe's attempt at a joke, Anita starts laughing... and doesn't stop.

Meanwhile, a caseworker stops by the home of Dr. George Millican. She brings him a new Synth: a Vera model, designed specifically for elder care. George says he's happy with his original D-Series model, Odi. The caseworker says that, by law, she needs to make sure his Synth is fully operational – if it is not, George will be given the Vera model. After the caseworker leaves, George opens his bedroom wardrobe to reveal Odi hiding among the clothes.

As they get ready for bed, Laura apologizes to Joe for being away. Joe says that he and the family feel avoided. Laura says that sometimes things pile on top of her, and Joe intercuts to say that's why he wants to keep Anita. He hopes Anita will give them more time to be together.

Leo and Max receive a call from Fred. He says he will meet them at the rendezvous point.

At an industrial apple orchard, Hobb approaches Fred, dressed in the same apple-picking uniform as the other Synths in the greenhouse. Hobb shows Fred a telephone he confiscated behind Fred's charging point. "Now why would a Synth need a telephone?" Hobb asks. Fred turns to flee, but he is shot by another man with a tranquilizer gun.

Leo and Max stand at the rendezvous point. Fred is late and Leo senses that something is wrong. Leo tells Max they need to keep moving.

At a supermarket, George shops for groceries while Odi stands next to a shelf of preservatives. "Your favorite is apricot," Odi says as he drops one jar of jam, then another. A staff member rushes over to stop Odi. "Who's is this?" she asks, pushing Odi away. George watches as Odi accidentally hits the woman and knocks her over. Immediately, Odi is tackled by a security guard and powered down.

Detective Karen Voss and Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond introduce themselves to George, who is still at the supermarket with Odi. Pete tells George that he and Karen deal with Synthetic-related matters, but George assures them it was an accident. Pete says that because someone has been hurt, Odi needs to be scrapped. George says he needs Odi. Pete tells George that he can take Odi to get scrapped himself, but that it needs to happen that day.

Leo enters a Synth brothel, walking by rooms with Synth prostitutes and down a hall towards the blonde Synth, Niska, who was earlier taken by junkers with Fred and Anita. When they're alone, Niska hugs Leo and gathers her things to leave. She says she won't stay a second longer, but Leo tells her she's safer there than on the streets. "Did you turn off your pain, like I told you?" Leo asks. Niska says she was meant to feel.

At a lab, Fred lies on an examining table. Hobb speaks with an Executive who wants to study Fred. "The machines are conscious," Hobb tells him. He warns that the conscious Synths, like Fred, could pose a huge risk to humanity if they are able to pass their consciousness to other Synths. "Do you think they'd still want to be slaves?" Hobb asks.

At George's house, George tells Odi that he can't let him be recycled. He sharpens a hammer. "There are things that you know," George says and raises the hammer behind Odi's head. Suddenly Odi recalls a memory of Mary, and George laughs along. He puts the hammer down.

While lying in bed, Laura tells Joe that she hears the back door opening. "It's probably Mattie smoking," she says, but gets up to check. Outside, Anita stands looking up at the moon. Laura orders her to stay inside. "The moon is beautiful tonight, don't you think?" Anita says as she walks back inside.

Later, Anita goes into Sophie's room. She has another flicker of a memory of being underwater. She carries Sophie outside and walks down the street with Sophie still in her arms.