• Teen hacker Mattie had to grow up fast when her family discovered their seemingly ordinary Synth, Anita, in fact hid the thinking, feeling Mia. The revelation of Laura's secret healed the rift between mother and daughter, but she still can't forgive her dad's infidelity. Mattie — as sharp and funny as ever — is frustrated. Helping the Synths gave her purpose and meaning. Can it really all be over? She's desperate to reconnect with Leo and the others. Life's just too vanilla without them.

  • Lucy Carless is a member of the Nottingham Television Workshop known for producing actors such as Jack O’Connell and Samantha Morton. She can be seen opposite John Simm and David Threlfall as Susan Mann in the British police drama miniseries Code of a Killer, the true story of the discovery of DNA testing as a means to solve crimes, and the first DNA manhunt that followed.