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Cullen vs. Elam? The Swede Murders Lily? What’s Your Favorite Hell on Wheels Scene

Over 5 seasons, Hell on Wheels has provided more than it’s share of memorable moments. Now with the railroad complete and the series about to come to a close, it’s time to pick the scenes that have stuck with you the most. Was it Cullen and Elam’s final moment? The Swede’s murder of Lily? Mickey killing his brother? Relive five of most shocking moments in series history below — one for each season — then vote for your favorite.

Season 1: The McGinnes Brothers get gruesome revenge on the Swede.

Season 2: The Swede murders Lily in an attempt to punish Cullen.

Season 3: Mickey saves himself by killing his brother.

Season 4: Cullen is left no choice but to kill his old friend Elam.

Season 5: Durant’s scheme costs Maggie her life.

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