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Angela Zhou Chats With Seat42F; Den of Geek Talks Race in Hell

This week, Angela Zhou chats with Seat42F, while Den of Geek talks about the latest episode’s exploration of racism. Plus, CarterMatt previews the next episode. Read on for more:

Seat42F interviews Angela Zhou on playing Mei, with the actress sharing that it’s “so incredibly rare to see an Asian female character that is a character that is fully-formed and multi-dimensional, that goes for an arc and is incredibly strong.”

• In “White Justice,” Den of Geek comments that “it’s through this lens viewers see a familiar story of American racism at play.”

CarterMatt previews the next episode, commenting that Cullen is “perhaps in the trickiest position he has been in so far this season, having to figure out how to solve the conflict without more violence.”

• For more recaps and reviews of Season 5, Episode 3, “White Justice,” check out CarterMatt, Current Movie Reviews, Movie News Guide and TV Fanatic.

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