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Monsters and Critics Applauds Hell on Wheels; Prof. Anson Mount Talks Teaching at Columbia

how202-cullen-v2-325This week, Monsters and Critics praises Hell on Wheels ahead of the Season 2 DVD release, while Anson Mount discusses his teaching job at Columbia University. Plus, a new Season 3 premiere date for Hell on Wheels is announced. Read on for more Hell on Wheels news:

• Monsters and Critics, spotlighting the Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray (available July 16), calls Hell on Wheels “episodic TV at its highly acclaimed best.”

• Anson Mount tells Slackerwood about his Columbia University teaching gig, “I can’t just do one thing. I have to be creating and sort of busy and learning all the time, or I get bored, or I get stale.”

• We Love Soaps announces the Season 3 premiere will air on Saturday, August 10.

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