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Hell on Wheels Season 2 Interviews With the Cast – The Women

Earlier this month, brought you a compilation of interviews with the actors from Hell on Wheels‘ second season. This week, you can take a look back at Season 2 interviews with the women from the show. Below is a sampling of what the actresses had to say about everything from love-hate relationships to Hell on Wheels themes in everyday life. Click on their names to read the full text.

– “There’s a kind of duality, that love and hate thing. It’s such a fine line and our world is made up of polarities, so we just fight the whole time and there’s that intensity, that tension.” — Dominique McElligott (Lily Bell)

– “To see [Eva] struggling with issues like should she raise a family, should she get married or should she retain her independence, these are all still very modern issues that women face today.” — Robin McLeavy (Eva)

– “The first take we did, I just completely broke down and started sobbing. I wasn’t acting at all. For me, it was Tom [Noonan] saying goodbye to me, and so it was really difficult.” — Kasha Kropinski (Ruth)

– “Anson Mount is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen in my life and a really good actor. I know I shouldn’t objectify him because he’s such a good actor, but really, ladies, really?” — Virginia Madsen (Hannah Durant)

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