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Anson Mount Cast in Navy SEAL Movie; Common Talks Hell on Wheels With Movieline


This week, Anson Mount is cast in a Navy SEAL film and Common discusses what he loves about Elam while promoting his new Sundance movie. Keep reading for more Hell on Wheels news.

Collider announces that Anson Mount has been cast in Code Name: Geronimo, a new Navy SEAL movie, as “an agile and assured member of SEAL Team Six.”

• In a Movieline interview about his Sundance film, LUV, Common talks about playing Elam: “So many times we’ve seen black people from that time as being depicted as downtrodden and oppressed and beat down…and the character I play is strong, a leader, intelligent.”

The Root mentions Season 2 of Hell on Wheels when introducing Common before an interview about LUV.

Yahoo! Voices calls the first season of Hell on Wheels “nothing short of amazing,” praising the show for its “plethora of deep characters” and “beautiful” cinematography.

RTE in Ireland spotlights Dominique McElligott on a list of fast-rising Irish stars and credits Hell on Wheels with getting her there.

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