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New York Magazine Interviews Mount; Common Calls Hell on Wheels Role of ‘Divine Order’


This week in Hell on Wheels news, Anson Mount chats with about “praying for a Western” while Common discusses the perfect timing of the series premiere. Keep reading to see what the Hell on Wheels stars have to say about the series.

Anson Mount opens up to about playing Cullen Bohannon and fulfilling his desire to do a Western. “I grew up with a plastic Sheriff’s badge and a plastic gun, and I played cowboys and Indians from the time I was 4 or 5 years old,” he says.

• In an interview with, Common talks about juggling Hell on Wheels with his music and writing careers. interviews Meaney about Hell on Wheels and his character Thomas Durant: “In a way, this guy is a bit like Halliburton,” Meaney jokes. “He’s going to milk the government for all he can.”

Florida Today talks to Executive Producers Tony and Joe Gayton about growing up in Florida and creating Hell on Wheels.

The Independent includes Hell on Wheels in a story about the re-emergence of Westerns on TV. “The reason that people are so attracted to the Western is that these people were tough,” says creator Joe Gayton.

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