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Chicago Tribune Calls Heyerdahl ‘Emmy-worthy’; Common Talks to the AP

The new Hell on Wheels character The Swede is a big hit with the press this week, earning praise from the Chicago Tribune and among others. In other news, Common talks to the Associated Press while Collider talks to Anson Mount. Scroll down to see what else has the media abuzz.

The Chicago Tribune interviews Christopher Heyerdahl and hails his “unforgettable, Emmy-worthy performances as The Swede.” also speaks to Heyerdahl about his inspiration for The Swede and the joy of doing accents.

The Associated Press profiles Common, who talks about the challenge of getting used to a script that uses “the N-word.”

• In an interview with, Anson Mount discusses handling his Griswold and playing a serious character: “My friends laugh at me when they see this. I’m a goofball.”

TV Guide [no link] speaks to the cast about the core content of Hell on Wheels. “The greatest marvel of the 19th century was American — and it was built entirely on graft and corruption,” says Anson Mount.

• In an interview with, Anson Mount recounts his run-in with Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm and reveals who his acting role models are. and praise Hell on Wheels Episode 2, saluting The Swede in particular. is also a fan of The Swede, singling out the character for his “great backstory.”

Black Book magazine interviews Common about the projects he’s working on in addition to Hell on Wheels, including a new album and book.

The Vancouver Sun polls the cast of Hell on Wheels about enduring Calgary’s fickle weather while shooting.

The Daily Collegian commends Hell on Wheels for helping revive the Western genre while keeping a strong focus on narrative.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch [no link] talks to Executive Producers Tony and Joe Gayton about the ins and outs of recreating this chapter of American history.

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