Season 3, Episode 5


Cullen helps Elam track down a dangerous criminal. Chaos erupts in Hell on Wheels as the town prepares to move down the tracks.

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Full Recap

As the residents of Hell on Wheels search for Eva’s baby, Elam mistakenly chases a man hiding a chicken under his coat. When Elam spots Declan, he demands to know where the baby is. Declan says, he doesn’t have her and if he did, he wouldn’t let her be taken away “right from under me own nose.” The Irishmen confirm Declan’s alibi but Psalms says, “Irish lie for Irish.” Elam draws his gun. Eva walks in front of the gun. She says, the baby’s gone.

In the saloon, Cullen tells gathered workers that although Eva’s baby is missing, the camp must move before the heavy rain. Freedmen and Irishmen argue over the identity of the baby’s father and whether to search for the baby or move the town. Durant declares “a short delay is in order” then offers a reward of two month’s wages to whoever finds the child.

Sean updates Cullen on the search. Cullen questions Durant’s arrival just before the baby’s disappearance.

As Durant leaves Hell on Wheels, Cullen warns him that he’ll be arrested for trespassing if he returns. Sean tells Durant, Cullen is on to them. Durant advises, “Find your manhood and embrace it. We are in the endgame.”

A blacksmith tells Cullen, Elam and Mickey about two stolen horses. Mickey realizes, “Baby thieves need horses.” Cullen tells Elam not to pursue the thieves. Cullen says, he’ll move the camp without Elam. Elam rides off.

The Swede watches Joseph Dutson baptize his son Ezra in the river.

Cullen joins Elam on the trail. They study horse tracks headed towards Denver. Cullen says, Denver is 150 miles away and the baby won’t survive without her mother’s milk.

At Hell on Wheels, Declan knocks on Eva’s tent. She won’t open the door. Freedmen, led by Psalms, attack Declan as he walks away.

The freedmen tie up Declan in Psalms’ tent. Declan says, he’s a NYC copper. Psalms replies, “Out here, that don’t make no nevermind.” Psalms hits Declan with a billy club, asking, “Where my baby niece at.”

Elam finds a bloody diaper cloth in an abandoned cabin. Cullen warns, “This is a fool’s errand.” He says, Elam might not want to know what happened to the baby.

Eva stands in the river as Ruth approaches. Ruth confesses that Joseph Black Moon got her pregnant and she prayed that God would “take it away.” Ruth says, “nature took its course” and God forgave her sins. Ruth tells Eva, “However you’re feeling right now is all right with Him.” Eva sobs as Ruth holds her.

After beating him bloody, Psalms offers Declan water. They discuss the religious origins of Psalms’s name. Declan promises not to “raise a mob” if Psalms releases him. Psalms says, white men have taken everything from him so he’s not letting a white man take his niece: If Declan doesn’t say where the baby is, “Mother Mary gonna sit right here with me and watch you die.”

Cullen and Elam chase down Jack, the sick prostitute’s boyfriend. He leads them to a campsite where Sara, the prostitute, holds Eva’s baby. Jack pleads for help; Sara is “bleeding bad.” Cullen says, they’ll be hung if they return to Hell on Wheels. Cullen hands Jack a gun and points at the bullets, saying, “You come across Indians, keep two of these back. One for her, one for you.”

Sean prepares to move the camp without Cullen. Mickey suggests Sean’s doing it for Durant. “Smart money always hedges its bet,” Sean says.

Cullen watches Elam with the baby. Cullen prepares a makeshift bottle of deer milk. Elam acknowledges, the baby is white, “but she mine.” Cullen says, she’ll only bring Elam pain and trouble.

Cullen and Elam return with the baby to Hell on Wheels. The town cheers.

Psalms frees Declan.

The Swede’s accent disappears as he reads to Ezra from The Book of Mormon.

In heavy rain, workers struggle to move the town.

Cullen looks at the sky, raises a bottle in the air, then drinks.