Season 3, Episode 8

It Happened in Boston

After his workers defect to the Mormons, Cullen recruits Durant to help get them back. Sean and Mickey's past comes back to haunt them.

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Full Recap

At Hell on Wheels, Elam and Psalms oversee cholera victims burning in the mass grave.

Elam returns to his tent. Noticing the empty crib, he asks where the baby is. Eva says, she gave Rose to Declan Toole. Elam cries, "She was mine," but Eva says, the baby was white. Elam knocks Eva down, calls her a whore and says, he can't love her anymore: "You took everything I had away." Eva replies, "I'm still here," but Elam kicks her out.

In Cheyenne, Durant prepares for a shave. Durant tells the barber, an old friend recently died from "greed." Suddenly, Cullen begins shaving Durant with a straight razor. Cullen says, the Mormons have poached his workers to build a spur line. Cullen asks Durant to use his influence with the Mormons to get Cullen's men back and to connect the spur line to Cheyenne. Durant refuses: "Cut my throat or leave me be."

Cullen finds Elam, drunk atop a casement car. Psalms says, Elam "ain't drawn a sober breath" since Eva gave the baby away. Cullen says, he needs every man working in order to reach Cheyenne in ten days.

In Cheyenne, Boston Detective Mike Malone asks for Durant at the hotel and inquires about Senator Metcalf's whereabouts. Sean overhears and hurries to Durant. The two prepare for Malone's visit.

Malone inspects Durant's room and questions Durant and Sean. Durant claims, neither of them knows where Metcalf is. Malone leaves. Durant declares, "That's how it's done." Sean wants to skip town. Durant cautions against appearing fearful.

In the church, Cullen scolds Ezra for pulling a knife on Ruth. Cullen decides to bring Ezra to the Mormon fort: "He might have fallen off of one of them wagons. Maybe someone at the fort will want him." Durant joins them.

Malone finds Elam drunk outside the saloon and questions him. Inside the saloon, Sean asks Mickey for help: "Durant made me look guilty." Mickey tells Sean to "disappear."

Durant and Cullen approach the Mormon fort but Collis Huntington intercepts them on his way out. Huntington says, Cullen's deserted workers and the Mormons are already "in my employ." Huntington invites them for dinner. Cullen hesitates, but Durant says it's to their benefit: "Who would you rather deal with, Huntington or the Mormons?"

Over dinner, Cullen tells Huntington about the Union Pacific's setbacks. Durant says, he'll replace Cullen soon. Durant offers Cullen to Huntington in exchange for men. "I ain't yours to give," Cullen says and walks away.

Eva begs Mickey for a job. Mickey says, he can't afford trouble with Elam. He hands her money and advises her to leave town "for both our sakes."

Waiting for the train with Eva, Sean overhears Malone telegraphing the Boston Police: Sean's a suspect.

The train arrives. Louise Ellison disembarks and sees Eva without the baby. Louise takes Eva with her.

That night, Huntington's Chinese assistant, Scoggins, asks Cullen about the hanged Mormon boy. Huntington sends Scoggins away. He warns Cullen not to get caught by the Mormons. Huntington again offers Cullen a job with Central Pacific. Cullen declines.

Ezra asks Cullen if he hung a boy. Cullen says no.

Eva sleeps next to Louise.

Elam wakes Psalms. He wants Psalms to come to New York to search for the baby. Psalms tells Elam, "She gone."

Cullen finds Dutch, leader of the deserted Union Pacific workers, in a tent outside the Mormon fort. Dutch complains, there's no whiskey, no women, and no coffee. They'll be shot if they try to leave.

A Mormon sentry approaches. Cullen says, he "found this mute boy on the prairie" and asks if Ezra is theirs. The sentry threatens Cullen. Ezra pulls out his knife. Cullen grabs Ezra and walks away, advising Dutch to follow.

Sean tells Mickey he plans to confess his crimes. Mickey warns, "you're turning me in for what we done. You'll hang." Sean says, he'll be free.

In the church, Sean starts to tell Ruth a story about Mickey and two girls. Ruth asks Sean to leave. He grabs her, saying, "Let me tell you who he really is." Mickey shoots Sean from behind the curtains. Mickey says, he saved Ruth's life.

Mickey tells Malone that Sean confessed to Metcalf's murder and assaulted Ruth. Malone looks at Ruth's neck and says, "It's just like the others." Sean is wanted for two murders in Boston, and there was an accomplice. Malone suggests Mickey stay away from Boston.

Huntington drops Durant back at Hell on Wheels as Cullen returns with his workers.

Mickey tries to blackmail Durant for solving the Metcalf problem. Durant says, had he gone to jail, Mickey would have suffered.

Mickey and Cullen bury Sean. Mickey tells Cullen that Sean murdered two girls in Boston, "much like Ruth."

Cullen hugs Ruth in the church. She sobs.