Season 3, Episode 10

Get Behind the Mule

Cullen grapples with consequences while Elam mounts a rescue attempt. Durant receives Gen. Grant and the U.P. board in Cheyenne ahead of the deadline.

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Cullen is held captive at the Mormon fort where Aaron Hatch tells him he must hang for taking the life of Hatch's son. As a crowd of Mormons wait for the bishop, Cullen sees Naomi, Hatch's daughter. The Swede is introduced as Bishop Joseph Dutson.

Hatch accuses Cullen of murder, trespassing, and sedition. Cullen leaps onto The Swede and chokes him. "I killed you," Cullen says. The Mormons pull Cullen off then lock him to a bench. The Swede asks Cullen's name. Cullen replies, "Thor Gundersen," which he says is the bishop's real name. Cullen adds, "Goes by The Swede back East. Murderer of innocent women and children." The Swede warns his disciples not to "dignify this gentile's lies."

At Hell on Wheels, Ruth reprimands Elam for abandoning Cullen. She follows him to the police tent, where he gathers guns. "How will you feel at his funeral?" Ruth asks. Elam says, there won't be one.

Hatch accuses Cullen of impregnating Naomi, who confirms Cullen is the father of her child. The Swede leaves to deliberate.

Naomi visits Cullen (who's been caged) and says, she "told them I wasn't forced." Cullen asks to touch her belly. Naomi obliges.

At Hell on Wheels, Eva begs Elam not to search for Cullen. Elam replies, Cullen helped find his baby. Eva says, she has "a bad feeling" about Elam "going alone through Indian territory to a Mormon fort." Elam rides away.

At the hotel in Cheyenne, General Grant, Louise and the Credit Mobilier board greet Durant and Maggie Palmer. Durant informs the group of the recent shootout and Cullen's abduction. Grant says, there's still time for Cullen to make his deadline.

At the Mormon fort, Hatch tells Cullen, he's ruined Naomi: "She'll live this life in shame and spend eternity in outer darkness." Cullen offers to marry Naomi and stay until the baby is born. Hatch says, he'll seek council but "the bishop's word is final."

A group of Indians intercepts Elam as he rides towards the Mormon fort. He kills three; the fourth retreats.

Outside Cullen's cell, The Swede insists that he is bishop Dutson, reborn, and that Thor Gundersen was a "troubled soul" who fell from a bridge. Cullen says, he knows The Swede won't hang him because The Swede would rather watch him suffer.

Durant is put in charge of further railroad construction in Cullen's absence.

The Swede marries Cullen to Naomi before the Hatch family.

At the wedding, Cullen and The Swede step away to carve the pig. "Don't stand too close," Cullen warns, "My hand might slip the blade into your liver." The Swede says, people can change. He notes Cullen himself has changed – because Cullen hasn't killed him already.

Durant signs documents transferring control of the railroad over to him. Grant suggests acknowledging "the rivals who knock off our rough edges and shape us." Durant angrily toasts to Cullen: "God speed you to your just desserts."

A bear attacks Elam outside the Mormon fort.

In their room that night, Naomi tells Cullen, she's 18 years old. Naomi asks about Cullen's previous wedding night. She asks if Cullen will leave her because she's not "fun." "I ain't like that," he says.

The next morning, Cullen dresses in Mormon attire then eats breakfast with Naomi. "We'll figure it out together," he says.

At his new saloon in Cheyenne, Mickey tells Durant, he'll take the shop next door for his mayoral campaign headquarters – as a campaign contribution from Durant. Durant says, his contribution is that Mickey is running unopposed.

Durant shows Louise her new office. She'll be the first female editor of a daily paper in the country. Louise says, she hasn't yet accepted the offer.

The Swede tells Cullen, the Mormons are building their own spur line to the South. Cullen suggests that's why he was kidnapped. "Heavenly Father has more appropriate labors for you," The Swede says.

Psalms oversees a group of railroad workers. Durant reminds Psalms that he's behind schedule. Psalms calls Durant a "white devil" under his breath.

Ruth and Ezra spot Eva wandering through Cheyenne's streets. Eva says, she believes Elam is dead: "I felt his spirit pass."

Mickey watches a prostitute at the saloon.

Eva looks through the window as Louise and Maggie chat over tea in the hotel.

Durant sits, smiling, in Cullen's car.

Elam lies, bloody and unmoving, next to the dead bear.

Cullen, sweaty and exhausted, guides a plow on the Mormon field. Naomi starts to bring him water, but The Swede intercepts. The Swede drinks, then pours the rest out. The Union Pacific train whistles in the distance.