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Surf the Web of the Early ’90s With Comet and Rover!

On this season of Halt and Catch Fire Donna, Joe, Gordon, and Bos are all racing to create an awesome search engine in order to be the next big thing on the Internet. Joe and Gordon grew Haley’s Web index project Comet to a widely used Website, while Donna steered her startup team to create a cutthroat search engine competitor called Rover.

But which one is truly better? Now you can try out both Comet and Rover and decide for yourself! Check out all the coolest Web 1.0 sites on Comet’s homepage and use Rover’s search algorithm to search the ever-expanding Web.

And while you’re surfing the Web of the early ’90s, be sure to also check out the Cameron Howe fan site “The Howe of It All” — as seen in Episode 6 — to see Cam’s biggest fans celebrate her work in tech, from Space Bike to Mutiny.

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