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Vox Calls Halt One of TV’s Best; Slate Commends Season 3 Finale

This week, Vox calls Halt and Catch Fire one of TV’s best, while Slate commends the Season 3 finale. Plus, MTV is rooting for Donna. Read on for more:

Vox proclaims the show one of TV’s best, saying it’s “grown into one of TV’s most purely entertaining dramas, an ensemble series with great characters all over the place that calls to mind The West Wing in terms of mixing compelling drama and snappy banter.”

Slate calls the two-part Season 3 finale “one of the boldest things to air on a television drama this year.”

MTV believes “it’ll be hard not to root especially hard for Donna in the show’s fourth and final season next year, as she potentially battles the petulant children she’s outgrown and once again fights to be seen as the formidable force that she’s become.”

• Toby Huss, interviewed by Nerdist, says Halt and Catch Fire is “going back to that root of trying to make this thing as real as possible because that’s what we all signed on for as actors. Every one of them, Lee [Pace] and Scoot [McNairy] and Kerry [Bishé] and Mackenzie [Davis] are all like that, they’re all right there.”

Vulture cites Halt and Catch Fire as an example of TV shows that “keep digging further into the vinyl vaults to highlight deeper and deeper tracks” from the 1980’s.

• Mackenzie Davis, speaking with The Canadian Press, says, “I got a bit lucky with Halt in that that’s what I’ve been seen in more than anything else. And so I often get scripts with really strong female characters.”

TechNewsWorld is impressed with Halt and Catch Fire because it “does a decent job of getting the tech right — especially as it presents the faux history of companies that didn’t actually exist.”

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