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Kerry Bishé, Mackenzie Davis Q&A; Scoot McNairy in Architectural Digest

This week, Entertainment Weekly talks to Kerry Bishé and Mackenzie Davis, while Scoot McNairy is featured in Architectural Digest. Plus, Manish Dayal is interviewed by Vulture. Read on for more:

• Kerry Bishé and Mackenzie Davis discuss their “online vices, drunk dialing, and attempting to ford the river successfully” with Entertainment Weekly.

• Scoot McNairy speaks with Architectural Digest about his “thoughts on everything from 1980s style to his charmingly oddball pick for his most-prized possession.”

• Manish Dayal, talking to Vulture, calls Ryan “gifted and he’s brilliant and he really believes that this technology will make the world really, really small, but also really dangerous.”

GQ profiles Mackenzie Davis, who remarks that Cameron “has almost a surplus of emotions. She has, like, a stunted ability to process them, so it comes out in weird ways.”

• Discussing the show’s Season 3 setting shift, Christopher C. Rogers says to USA Today, “It felt false that we were keeping our characters away from Silicon Valley, the big leagues of the tech industry. They have to get in the arena with the real sharks in California.”

Vox declares that Season 3’s first five episodes “are as good as anything I’ve seen on TV this year. I was already a fan of Halt and Catch Fire, but season three, should it stick the landing, might be enough to make me into a superfan.”

The Washington Post notes that Season 3 returns with “yet another system upgrade that builds on some of Season 2’s notable improvements.”

The Atlantic describes Halt and Catch Fire as “a terrific accounting of the miraculous, human ways the tech world stumbled into its biggest advancements—even if it’s disguised as a low-key workplace drama.”

• “From the new setting to the new showrunners (Jonathan Lisco, who was at the helm for the series’ first two seasons, departed for TNT’s Animal Kingdom), the leap from Season Two to Season Three is equally dramatic,” Esquire explains, referring to the show’s changes between the first two seasons.

The Guardian says Donna and Cameron’s “complex friendship and tumultuous business relationship are the heart and soul of a critical darling that is hoping to broaden its audience after a surprising and welcome season three renewal.”

Inverse interviews the show’s composer, Tangerine Dream’s Paul Haslinger, to find out how “Halt and Catch Fire is making electronic music cool again.” spotlights photos of Mackenzie Davis in an episode from Season 3 of Black Mirror that will debut at next month’s Toronto International Film Festival.

• For recaps and reviews of the Season 3 premiere, “Valley of the Heart’s Delight,” and Episode 2, “One Way or Another,” check out A.V. Club (premiere and Episode 2), CarterMatt,, HitFix, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, Observer, TV Fanatic and Vulture (premiere and Episode 2).

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