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Sydney Morning Herald Previews Halt; USA Today Applauds Halt

This week, The Sydney Morning Herald previews Halt and Catch Fire, while USA Today calls Halt one of the best TV shows you’re not watching. Plus, Vulture explores TV time-shifting, citing the show. Read on for more:

The Sydney Morning Herald speaks with Christopher C. Rogers, who says, “We kind of took the archetype of the antihero that’s become so popular in American television and exploited it a little bit. It’s a less interesting show when Joe is just a nefarious guy up to his old tricks, as when Joe is a nuanced person with a lot of colours.”

USA Today considers Halt and Catch Fire one of the best TV shows you’re not watching, remarking, “At its best, the show captures the manic workroom energy of Mad Men or The West Wing.”

Vulture explores TV time-jumping, citing the two-year jump in Halt and Catch Fire‘s Season 2 premiere.

A.V. Club notes that “10Broad36” was the show’s “most striking episode yet” because it visually paid tribute to RGB screens.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 7, “Working for the Clampdown,” check out A.V. Club, IGN, Rolling Stone and Vulture.

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