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Critics From Time, Slate, Grantland Praise Halt and Catch Fire Season 2

Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 premieres Sunday at 10/9c and critics are already loving the new season. What are they saying? Read on and find out (as if you needed another reason to tune in):


• “Above all, Halt’s software has been upgraded: it now has a compelling subject, the emergence, through modem clicks and whistles, of the wired Internet era we live in… it is so thoroughly a new thing that if you–or a friend, or preferably several–didn’t see the first season, you could quite easily jump in and start here.” – James Poniewozik, Time


• “Halt and Catch Fire may be set in the ’80s, but it is very much in conversation with the current moment, when tech companies, their CEOs, their valuations, and their hubristic utopianism are both idolized and pilloried, a constant source of fascination.” – Willa Paskin, Slate


• “…this new Halt is better, exponentially so. Its inversion of decades of prestige-drama gender convention seems painfully obvious, and yet I’m not sure if any other show has actually attempted it. Not only does it allow two actresses to break free of the nagging wife/sexy muse binary that has plagued even TV’s best shows — as bosses, [Cameron] Davis and [Kerry] Bishé are now free to flex just like Difficult Men — Halt has carved out much-needed space to interrogate familiar onscreen relationships from a fresh perspective.” – Andy Greenwald, Grantland


• “The ’80s are hot right now, and the season two debut of Halt and Catch Fire on AMC solidly plugs into that power source… If you missed the show last time around, make sure you don’t this season. Because one of my favorite new series of 2014 hit the return button and came back with way more bandwidth and RAM.” – Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood

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