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More Halt Renewal News; Indiewire Calls Halt the Best Show You’re Not Watching Yet

This week, there’s more news on Halt and Catch Fire‘s renewal, while Indiewire calls the drama the best show you’re not watching. Plus, Lee Pace reacts to the news about Season 2. Read on for more:

Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline and the Los Angeles Times all report on Halt and Catch Fire‘s Season 2 renewal.

Indiewire describes Halt and Catch Fire as “the best show on TV that you’re not watching yet.” documents Lee Pace’s Twitter reaction to Halt and Catch Fire‘s renewal.

The Denver Post discusses the new proliferation of TV shows about science, including Halt and Catch Fire which deals with the science of computer engineering.

Quartz looks at the trend of TV series premiering online, citing Halt and Catch Fire and its Tumblr debut as an example.

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