Season 4, Episode 7

Who Needs a Guy

Joe and Gordon discuss Comet's future; Donna takes a vacation; a new collaborator challenges Cameron; Bos and Diane make a life-altering choice.

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Full Recap

Cameron works on her new game in the Airstream. Bosworth calls and asks her to meet him in Palo Alto at noon.

Haley shows up at breakfast with a defiantly short haircut. She tells Gordon that she got an “A” on her biology test but Gordon insists on seeing proof if she wants to work at Comet again. Haley declares that she doesn’t want to return to Comet because it’s no longer fun.

Cameron meets Bosworth at City Hall in Palo Alto. Bosworth surprises her with news that he and Diane are getting married. He asks her to be his witness.

At AGGEK, Trip informs Donna that Rover attracts twice the amount of Comet’s traffic and offers faster browser speeds. When Trip asks where she’s going for her vacation, Donna explains that she’s taking some local R&R.

Cameron stops by Joe’s apartment to pick up toilet paper for the Airstream. Joe begs Cameron to look at his man-on-the-street footage of people talking about technology, but Cameron says she has to keep working on her project for an upcoming meeting with Alexa.

Gordon finds Haley’s biology test on the kitchen counter, with an “A.” He puts the test in her bedroom and quietly scans the room.

Joe waits at the Airstream for Cameron to finish working so that they can go on a hike. Overwhelmed with work, she offers instead to take him out for dinner that night.

Donna stops by Gordon’s house to discuss Haley. She talks about her AA meetings and mentions that she got kicked off Rover. She informs Gordon that Rover has twice the amount of users and faster browser speeds than Comet but believes that the key to winning the browser war is to keep users around, not move traffic.

Inspired by Donna’s advice, Gordon proposes to Joe that they aim for “stickiness,” not speed. He suggests transforming Comet into a destination in itself, in addition to sending users to other sites. Joe refuses to listen to advice from Donna, their competitor. Katie informs them that the office is freezing.

As Gordon tries to fix the heating system, Joe continues to argue against taking advice from Donna. Gordon defends Donna. The power goes out.

Donna brings a wedding gift to Diane and Bosworth at their house. Diane apologizes to Donna for treating her harshly at work. She reveals that she is planning to step back as managing partner in order to spend more time with Bosworth. She offers to back Donna as a replacement. Donna thanks her.

Cameron shows her progress to Alexa and notes Alexa’s underwhelmed response. Alexa suggests they go for a hike.

As Gordon fusses with the fuse box, he informs Joe that he was right about Haley’s interest in girls. Gordon worries that Haley hates him too much to return to Comet. He flips the fuse-breakers. The lights turn on.

Joe calls Haley and tries to convince her to return to Comet. Haley laughs when she correctly guesses that Gordon is sitting right next to Joe while Joe is talking to her on the phone. She agrees to see Gordon that night. After the call, Gordon realizes that the air conditioner is now broken.

As they hike through the woods, Alexa remarks that Cameron’s work is impressive but that it’s already being done. Alexa suggests creating software that lives outside of gaming and wonders if Cameron’s animosity toward Donna was a result of Donna pushing Cameron out of her comfort zone.

Donna plays Pilgrim at home and finally beats the game.

Joe and Gordon excitedly brainstorm ways to make Comet a place where users want to linger. Gordon proposes making Comet a “home on the Internet.” Joe suggests they offer an aggregate of the top searches along with a writeup of popular searches. Gordon finally fixes the air conditioner.

Cameron calls Joe to cancel dinner after Alexa invites her to meet someone who works in human-computer interaction. She says Alexa called her out for thinking too small.

Joe and Gordon sit down in the conference room to brainstorm new concepts for Comet. Gordon writes “Re-Design” on a board. Joe asks him to change it to “Re-Launch.” Gordon suggests they reconvene the next day so that he can meet Katie for dinner.

Joe goes to Donna’s house and asks if she gave Rover’s marketing data to Gordon as part of a plot against Comet. Donna takes offense and tells him to leave. “You won,” she screams. “You got Haley and Gordon and Cam, you got everybody. What more do you want from me?” She slams the door in Joe’s face and accidentally crushes his fingers.

Donna ices Joe’s fingers and insists she would never interfere with Comet. Joe sympathizes with her distress at being villainized.

At home, Gordon prepares for his date with Katie. He sees Donna walk through a room. He follows her to another room — his old kitchen — and sees Donna feeding a young Joanie and Haley. He then follows Donna to a nursery and sees her singing a lullaby to newborn Joanie.

Donna says goodbye to Joe at her house.

Katie arrives at Gordon’s house and calls his name.

Donna starts to leave a message on Gordon’s answering machine to tell him about her conversation with Joe. Katie picks up the phone. Donna’s face falls.

Donna goes to Joe in his car, as he’s still parked outside her house, and she tells him that Gordon is dead.

Joe calls Cameron to tell her about Gordon.

Diane receives the news by phone and relays it to Bosworth.

Haley and Joanie arrive at Donna’s house and find her waiting outside. They later cry in bed together.

Cameron arrives at Comet to find Joe staring at the “Re-Launch” written by Gordon in the conference room.