Season 4, Episode 5

Nowhere Man

Donna struggles with suspicion; Bosworth hits a breaking point; Joe confesses to Gordon while Cameron faces past mistakes.

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Full Recap

At AGGEK, Donna asks Cecil to reveal who programmed the new algorithm. He maintains that he wrote it with Bosworth’s help and gives her a well-rehearsed description of the “waiting room” concept.

Donna finds Joanie playing Pilgrim at home. Joanie complains that the game is unsolvable.

Gordon and Katie watch a movie after making love. Katie invites Gordon to watch her play in an upcoming roller derby game. Gordon proposes he bring Joanie and Haley.

At home, Joe worries about Rover’s new funding and tells Cameron that she was right about the importance of algorithmic searches. He considers redirecting Comet’s focus and asks Cameron to stop by Comet to offer her perspective. Cameron insists that he stick with his original vision for Comet. Sensing attitude from Cameron, Joe points out that she declined his invitations to work at Comet and to move in with him. Cameron leaves to spend the night in the Airstream.

Cameron wakes up in her trailer the next morning.

Joe shows Gordon Rover’s “brilliant” browser update, which produces both accurate results and outlier results. He insists they expand their coding team and hire analysts and statisticians. Gordon tells Joe to relax. Joe yells that Gordon is happy with Comet as long as he gets to keep “screwing the chief ontologist.” The entire office hears him, including Haley and Katie playing air hockey right outside Gordon’s office.

Donna instructs Bosworth and Tanya to hold off on additional engineering hires so that they can see if Cecil continues to perform as well as he did with the algorithm.

Katie tells Gordon that Haley has been acting awkward around her ever since Joe announced that Gordon was “screwing” her. She asks Gordon to speak with Haley.

Tom pays Cameron a surprise visit in her trailer to have her sign the divorce papers, which he had sent in the box that got run over by the truck.

Elliot and Vera ask Donna to prioritize programming hires and request that she play a more hands-off role. Donna agrees to allow engineering hires once Cecil can provide the legal team with detailed specifications about the algorithm for patent purposes.

Cecil pulls Bosworth aside and worries that Donna knows he is not the true author of the algorithm. He insists that Bosworth get the specs from the algorithm’s programmer.

Cameron signs the divorce papers. She and Tom share a laugh as Tom explains the source of a strange noise that they had been puzzled over in their Tokyo apartment. He informs her that he’s moving to the suburbs with his new partner and that they’re expecting a baby. Cameron apologizes for cheating on him.

Katie checks on Gordon at work as he writes an entry in his symptom journal. Gordon says he has no symptoms to log.

Cameron calls Gordon to check on Joe, who hasn’t picked up his phone.

Gordon tells Joe that Cameron is trying to reach him, but Joe is too distracted by Rover. Joe worries that he no longer has a vision for Comet and doesn’t know what comes next. He apologizes for yelling at Gordon earlier.

Bosworth stops by Joe’s apartment to ask Cameron to give him the tech specs for the algorithm. Cameron sternly reminds him that she only agreed to help him one time and, despite his pleas, sends him away.

Donna eats at a restaurant with Bosworth and Diane. While Diane is in the bathroom, Donna confronts Bosworth about getting outside help with the algorithm. She worries that the outsider might be one of her enemies and says the only reason she hired him in the first place was because Diane worried he was bored. Bosworth gets up to leave then collapses from a heart attack.

At the hospital, a doctor informs Diane that Bosworth is stable.

Cameron arrives at the hospital and admits to Donna that she exchanged harsh words with Bosworth that day. Donna realizes that Cameron wrote the algorithm. Joe arrives and comforts Cameron, then goes to check on Bosworth. Donna orders Cameron to stay out of her life.

At home, Joanie and Katie listen to PJ Harvey on shared headphones. Haley watches them and abruptly leaves the room. Joanie goes after her.

Katie asks Gordon if there’s a pattern to his symptoms. He explains that a statistical analysis of his symptoms failed to show any patterns. He feebly gets up and ends the evening early.

As they drive home from the hospital, Cameron tells Joe that Tom stopped by the trailer. She realizes that she told Tom about her infidelity because, deep down, she wanted him to leave. She confesses that she wrote the algorithm to help Bosworth. Joe asks why she’s telling him. “Because I love you,” she says.

Donna calls Gordon and worries that she caused Bosworth’s heart attack. Gordon informs her that Bosworth is $300,000 in debt. Donna reels from the revelation of Bosworth’s ulterior motives.

Donna plays Pilgrim and solves a succession of riddles. The game mesmerizes her.

Haley listens to PJ Harvey in bed.

Gordon throws all of his symptom journals in the fireplace.