Season 3, Episode 8

You Are Not Safe

Donna, Bos and Diane go on the road to build support for Mutiny, while everyone else anxiously awaits the big day. Joe asks Cam for a favor.

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Full Recap

Joe stares into space as a man asks him questions.

Four months earlier: FBI agents search Ryan’s house. An agent plugs a “packet sniffer” into Ryan’s computer. “Your worst enemy,” he tells Ryan when he asks what it is.

Ryan packs his backpack and flees.

Joe tells Gordon the FBI is looking for Ryan after he illegally leaked the source code for MacMillan Utility’s antivirus software. Joe swears that he had nothing to do with the leak.

In a hotel room, Diane and Bosworth coach Donna on her pitch for the Mutiny IPO. Diane reminds her that they’re approaching smaller firms to work out the kinks before approaching bigger ones. Diane poses a mock question about Cameron no longer working at Mutiny, and Bos says Donna’s answer “doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Tom wakes Cameron before leaving for work and asks her to buy some Halloween candy.

Cameron spots a wasp while eating cereal in the living room. She shoos it outside and discovers a wasp’s nest on the front porch.

Mitch Clouden meets with Joe and Gordon and plays them a recording of Ryan, who came to him to warn him against working with Joe and Gordon. Mitch assures them that he believes in their network but says NSFNET cannot work with Joe while he’s a potential suspect in computer fraud.

Gordon suggests to Joe that they turn Ryan in, but Joe refuses to betray Ryan because he’s his friend.

Joe visits Cameron at home and asks her to help track down Ryan, who’s gone off the grid. He informs her that he’s working with Gordon.

Donna calls home to check in. Gordon talks to Donna as he prepares the girls for Halloween.

Cameron logs into Community under an alias and posts a question: “Joe MacMillan, hero or hoax?”

At the Clark residence, Joe urges Gordon to move ahead with NSFNET on his own. Gordon tells Joe that he can’t do it alone because he’s sick.

Cameron tracks Ryan down and finds him sleeping in a college lounge. She tells Ryan that Joe is concerned and wants to help him.

Gordon fixes some hardware at Mutiny. He and Bosworth discuss what they’ll do with their shares of the IPO, which is predicted to open at $15 a share.

Cameron greets Tom when he arrives home from work and shows him a mockup for a game idea. “It’s beautiful,” Tom says. He tells her that his company offered him a promotion in Tokyo. “That’s perfect,” Cameron says. They kiss.

Joe arrives home to find Ryan waiting in his living room. He tells Ryan he can either flee or turn himself in, in which case he would serve no more than a year or two in prison. Joe assures Ryan that he can reinvent himself upon leaving prison. He offers to let Ryan sleep at his apartment while he thinks on it.

Diane stops by Donna’s hotel room on the morning of the IPO announcement. She assures Donna that her upcoming TV interview will go well.

A TV crew prepares Donna for a satellite interview.

Gordon, Joanie and Haley wake up early to watch Donna’s interview on a financial news show. The host cuts off Donna’s explanation of modems and simply asks if she can buy shoes on Mutiny.

At Mutiny, Bosworth and the coders watch a stock ticker on TV. In Donna’s hotel room, Donna and Diane monitor Mutiny’s IPO on a computer. The IPO fluctuates and lands at 6.00, much lower than expected. Donna looks crestfallen. Back at Mutiny, the coders are silent. Gordon, who looks at his computer from home, is silent.

Cameron and Tom pack for Japan. Cameron sees Tom looking at the Mutiny stock price on the computer. She asks him to tell her if it’s good or bad. Tom says nothing.

Diane tells Donna that the stock was overvalued, but not worthless. Donna asks for a minute alone. She struggles to breathe.

Joe wakes up to find that Ryan has already left the apartment. Federal agents knock on his door and ask if Ryan was at Joe’s apartment the previous night. Joe notices that the door to his balcony is open. He hears sirens approaching.

Joe reads a suicide note that Ryan posted to Community before jumping off his balcony. “You are not safe,” it’s titled. Joe tells Gordon that he no longer wants to profit from NSFNET. “I’m done,” he says.

Cameron and Tom pack their final belongings. Tom asks if she wants to postpone the flight in light of Ryan’s death, but she assures him she’s fine. She offers to make a final trip to the store to buy some goods.

At Mutiny, the coders and Bosworth all read Ryan’s message, in which he warns that the world is about to change: “A massive connectivity. The barriers between us will disappear, and we’re not ready.” It continues, “It’s a huge danger, a gigantic risk, but it’s worth it. If only we can learn to take care of each other, then this awesome destructive new connector won’t isolate us.”

Cameron runs into Joanie and Haley at the supermarket. She then sees Donna with a shopping cart. Donna waves. Cameron waves back and leaves.

Joe visits the surfing spot where he first met Ryan.