Season 3, Episode 7

The Threshold

Joe and Ryan deal with the consequences of Joe's decision. Cameron and Donna fight over the future, while Gordon has a crisis of conscience.

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Full Recap

Tom arrives in California and tries to carry Cameron across the threshold of their new home. He puts her down after straining himself and they cross the threshold together.

Joe calls Ryan to say that he’s been ousted from MacMillan Utility, putting the NSFNET project on hold. He predicts that Ryan will be fired and keeps Ryan in the dark for his own protection.

Ryan arrives at work the next day to find men emptying out Joe’s office. Ken pulls Ryan aside.

Gordon receives a VHS tape from his lawyer: It’s footage of Joe confessing to stealing Gordon’s code. Gordon’s lawyer estimates that he will receive at least $25 million from MacMillan Utility.

At work, Cameron begrudgingly takes a phone call from Donna. Donna congratulates Cameron on getting married and proposes they celebrate with Tom.

Ryan informs Joe that Ken didn’t fire him. Joe figures that Ken will try to get to Joe through Ryan.

Donna and Gordon celebrate with Cameron and Tom at a restaurant. Tom says that he told Cameron he wouldn’t move to California for a girlfriend, but would for a wife. The next day, they got married.

Bosworth knocks on Diane’s door and apologizes for not taking up her nightcap invitation. She accepts his apology.

Donna corners Cameron in the restaurant bathroom and proposes they end their feud and start over. Cameron says she has trust issues after Donna lied to her, but agrees to a fresh start. They both agree that Mutiny should go public.

The next day, Cameron gives Donna a long list of ideas on how to upgrade Mutiny before the IPO. She estimates it would take a year or two to implement the ideas. Donna says the IPO timeframe is three months, but Cameron refuses to allow an IPO until they improve the product.

Gordon visits Joe at home and demands to know how Joe will profit from his confession. Joe asks Gordon for a small percentage of his MacMillan Utility windfall to keep his newest project alive. Gordon sees the NSFNET research binders and walks up to the network board. He rejects Joe’s proposal and leaves.

Donna visits Diane at home and, to her surprise, finds Bosworth there. She tells them that Cameron has a “Mutiny manifesto” that would kill the IPO. Bosworth is surprised to learn about Cameron’s marriage.

Gordon reads an article about NSFNET and studies a U.S. map, where he’s recreated the network map from Joe’s apartment.

Donna tells Gordon that Cameron is jeopardizing the IPO and says the only way to move forward is to get all the equity owners to overrule her. Gordon warns Donna against blindsiding Cameron, saying she will see it as “an act of war.”

Ken and a MacMillan Utility lawyer interrogate Ryan, who denies any knowledge of a collaboration between Joe and Gordon. Ken guesses that Joe and Gordon teamed up and cut Ryan out of the deal. He fires Ryan.

Ryan sees Gordon in the waiting room. Gordon tells Ryan that the NSFNET project will indeed be huge.

Gordon meets with Ken and offers to accept 10 percent of $25 million if Ken agrees to give him the equipment that Joe bought and the deals he made with NSFNET. Ken, who believes Gordon is in league with Joe, refuses to cave in. “What makes you think you’re the only one in this room that wants to stick it to Joe MacMillan?” Gordon asks.

At Mutiny, Cameron and Tom announce that they’re married. Donna wheels in a cake. Gordon pulls Cameron aside amid the celebration.

In private, Gordon tells Cameron that Donna wants to move forward with the IPO and that she could overrule Cameron if all the equity partners side with her. Gordon warns her that he has to side with Donna, even if he disagrees.

Back upstairs, Cameron glares at Donna and pulls Bosworth aside.

Ryan calls Joe and asks if he’s planning to move ahead on NSFNET without him. “Of course not,” Joe says.

In private, Bosworth asks when Cameron was going to tell him about her marriage. He stresses that he still considers her a daughter even if she doesn’t see him as a father. Cameron seeks his advice about Donna. Bosworth suggests she lay out her vision to everyone.

Ryan types furiously at his computer. He disassembles the computer and lights it on fire.

Cameron calls an impromptu meeting with Donna, Gordon, Bosworth and Diane. She insists that they make Mutiny more sustainable before rushing into the IPO. Donna argues that they can still implement Cameron's ideas after they go public. Their argument escalates into personal insults. Bosworth tries to leave but Cameron demands a vote, vowing to quit if they vote for the IPO. Donna, likewise, vows to quit if they reject the IPO. Donna, Diane, Gordon and, finally, Bosworth raise their hands in favor of the IPO. Cameron sobs and leaves the room.

The coders watch in silence as Cameron leaves Mutiny with Tom.

Joe gives Gordon the keys to his server room. Gordon offers Joe 49 percent of the company and invites him to run it with him. Joe offers to remain a silent partner, given the bad PR around his ousting.

Joe visits Ryan to relay the good news about NSFNET. Ryan tells Joe that he released the source code for MacMillan Utility’s security software, making it free to the public. Joe says Ryan acted illegally, but Ryan insists he won’t get caught. “Nobody’s that good,” Joe says, withholding the news about NSFNET.