Season 3, Episode 6

And She Was

Tensions rise over an offer to buy Mutiny. Donna has a weekend alone, while Gordon and Cam bond over video games. Joe has a standoff with the board.

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Full Recap

Joe and Ryan stand in an empty room that will serve as the space for their new server. Ryan confirms the delivery of equipment, as well as upcoming meetings with Stanford, Cisco and MCI. Joe predicts they will be able to present their bid to NSFNET sector chief, Mitch Clouden, by the end of the month.

Joe and Ryan set up the server over the ensuing weeks.

Joe and Ryan submit their bid to NSFNET. Mitch agrees to reply by Monday.

Cameron chats with Tom in the Mutiny community. He tells her that his mother is happy for them.

At a staff meeting, Cameron informs Donna that she fired Doug and Craig. Donna reminds Cameron that Diane was clear about wanting to keep them on staff. “Was she?” Cameron asks. A coder tells them that Diane is in the office.

Diane informs Cameron and Donna that CompuServe has made a $20 million acquisition offer. She suggests they consider an IPO. Donna fantasizes about the cash influx but Cameron points out that they would be beholden to a board and quarterly earnings. Diane urges them to take their time considering the decision. Sensing tension between them, she suggests they work things out at her house in Sonoma over the weekend. After she leaves, Cameron tells Donna she’s busy that weekend.

Joe presents his NSFNET proposal to the MacMillan Utility board. The board points out that NSFNET has no commercial use and that they’ve already spent millions on equipment. Joe guarantees it will pay off. Afterwards, Ken tells Joe to refrain from making any more purchases and deals. Joe orders him to get all the members on board.

Donna prepares for a weekend at Diane’s Sonoma house all by herself. She tells Gordon that she needs to get away from Cameron.

Gordon and Cameron play Super Mario Bros. Cameron suggests they try and beat the game. While engrossed in the game, Gordon’s ears ring and he faints, knocking the TV over. He assures Cameron he just needs food.

Donna arrives at Diane’s vacation home and revels in the luxurious rooms.

Cameron and Gordon set up a new big-screen TV and start playing again. When Cameron prods, Gordon admits he has a neurological condition but assures her it’s under control.

Mitch calls Joe to accept his bid. Ryan ecstatically hugs Joe.

While Donna takes a bath, she hears someone in the house. She goes downstairs and runs into Diane’s daughter, Kimberly. Kimberly introduces Donna to her boyfriend, Travis, and his roommate, Rob. She offers to leave but Donna insists they stay.

Cameron and Gordon play Super Mario Bros. into the night. Gordon tells Cameron that Joe offered him 70 percent of MacMillan Utility but says he cares less about the money and more about Joe admitting that he stole his idea. They defeat the game.

Gordon shows Cameron his ham radio. As they bond, he praises Cameron and Donna for building something real. Cameron points out that Gordon, too, built something. He says he merely built some forgettable machines and software that everyone thinks is Joe’s.

Bosworth attends the opera and runs into Diane. He proposes they meet for cocktails afterwards. Diane offers to ditch her blind date and join Bosworth in two minutes.

Cameron chats with Tom online. Tom tells her he’s coming soon and asks if she’s told anyone. She pulls her ring out from underneath the keyboard and it puts it on. Tom waits for her to respond.

Donna drinks with Kimberly, Travis and Rob, and tells them she works at Mutiny. Rob raves about Mutiny and excitedly asks if Donna is “CamHowe.” Donna says that Cameron is her partner then asks if they have any pot. Rob offers her mushrooms instead.

Bosworth and Diane chat over drinks. Bosworth laments that he’s not a bigger part of his family’s life in Texas. Diane sympathizes and takes Bosworth’s hand.

Cameron tells Gordon she’s heading out for the night.

High on mushrooms, Donna lies down on the lawn. Cameron joins her. Donna says she lied to Cameron because she thought it was best for the company. “I am just as good at this as you are,” she says, explaining that people always see Cameron as the genius while she’s seen as “the mom.” Donna apologizes and Cameron forgives her. Moments later, Cameron disappears: It was all in Donna’s head.

Bosworth and Diane tidy up in Bosworth’s car after having sex. She invites him back to her house for a nightcap. He declines.

Cameron visits Joe in the middle of the night and insists he give Gordon credit for his software. Joe notices Cameron’s wedding ring and guesses she married the person standing closest to her in a period of happiness, assuming he was the source of her happiness. She again tells him to give Gordon credit, then leaves.

Donna arrives home and looks for Cameron. She and Gordon discover that Cameron secretly moved out.

Gordon fiddles with his ham radio. Cameron calls him from her own ham radio in her new house. Gordon asks why she moved out without warning. She tells him she married Tom and says she’s happy — though her face says otherwise.

Joe waits to give a deposition in Gordon’s lawsuit. Ken informs him that he and the board voted to kill the NSFNET deal. He forbids Joe from making any more executive decisions and also reminds him of the “Joe MacMillan clause,” which would destroy all of Joe’s equity in the company if he does anything to damage it.

At the deposition, Joe confesses that he stole Gordon’s code to the security software. “Everything this company is built on is his,” he says.