Joe works on Loadstar, the browser he created with Cameron and Gordon, in the basement of the old Mutiny office. Meanwhile, Gordon and Joe’s ISP business, CalNect, thrives upstairs. Cameron works on Loadstar from Tokyo to distance herself from Joe after telling Tom about their one-night affair. Joe grows increasingly irritated by Cameron’s slow work pace and becomes upset when another browser beats them to the market.

Cameron travels to California and gives the final version of Loadstar to Joe. She sees his wall of Post-Its containing URLs to every existing website and predicts he will need more Post-Its given the pace at which the web is growing. Joe excitedly suggests to Gordon that they build an index of websites.

At the venture capital firm AGGEK, Donna tells a young tech company called Rover that they need to generate a bigger idea if they want more money. Over dinner, Gordon tells Donna about Joe’s idea to index every website. Rover later pitches Donna an idea to index back issues of magazines. When Donna shoots it down for being too small an idea, they suggest indexing the entire web.

Based on negative feedback from test groups, Atari asks Cameron to include game controls in the manual for “Pilgrim,” a game she created for them. She refuses. They postpone the release of “Pilgrim” indefinitely.

Joe calls Cameron to apologize for being angry at her over Loadstar. Cameron tells him that Tom met someone else and that she’s not returning to Japan. They reignite their relationship.

A new flat-fee model triggers a bottleneck of CalNect users trying to log in. When MCI refuses to help resolve the situation, Gordon realizes that MCI is planning to start their own ISP.

Donna promotes her assistant Tanya and makes her team leader on Rover. When the AGGEK partners insist that Donna bring in an outside consultant to help Tanya, Donna hires Bosworth. Meanwhile, Bosworth asks Gordon for a loan after losing money in a bad investment. Gordon insists that Bosworth ask Diane for the money.

Gordon asks Haley to input all the URLs from Joe’s Post-Its into an Excel spreadsheet. She creates “Haley’s Comet” to index the URLs. Gordon and Joe, having just sold CalNect, offer to buy “Haley’s Comet.” Haley agrees to give them the site as long as she can work on it.

Donna criticizes the Rover team for their slow progress. When Diane admonishes Donna’s harsh leadership, Donna invites Rover to dinner at her house to boost morale.

Joe, Gordon and Haley start working on the indexing site, which Joe has renamed “Comet.” Worried that Joe might push Haley too far, Gordon permits Haley to work on the website under two conditions: She can’t let Joe push her around, and she must stop working the minute it stops being fun.

Atari decides against releasing “Pilgrim” after a magazine publishes a scathing review based on a copy that Cameron leaked to them.

Donna learns about Comet and informs Gordon that AGGEK is developing a site index that will compete with Comet. She offers to buy them out, but Gordon informs her that Haley made the site.

Joe and Gordon scrutinize Rover upon its launch and agree that it’s substandard. Cameron argues that it simply needs a more sophisticated algorithm.

Joe and Gordon hire Dr. Katie Herman as Comet’s chief ontologist. Gordon and Katie start dating.

Cameron buys a plot of land in the country and purchases an Airstream to live in on the property.

Joe and Gordon pass on an offer from AOL to buy Comet for $3 million. Bosworth, who is still desperate for money, suggests to Donna that they sell Rover to AOL. Tanya privately confronts Bosworth about his debt.

Cameron learns about Bosworth’s debt and writes a new algorithm for Rover to help out, leading to Series A funding for Rover. Joe worries that the new algorithm could destroy Comet.

Donna suspects that Rover received outside help and confronts Bosworth. He collapses from a heart attack but stabilizes at the hospital. Donna realizes that Cameron wrote the algorithm and orders her to stay out of her life. She later learns that Bosworth is $300,000 in debt.

Cameron confesses to Joe that she wrote the algorithm and says that she’s telling him because she loves him.

Donna decides to reverse-engineer the algorithm to avoid legal repercussions and attempts to hire a new CTO, Bobby Aron, to replace Rover’s programmer. She sleeps with Bobby after a night of drinking.

Donna tells Gordon that Haley should take a break from Comet when she begins failing classes at school. Haley explodes at Gordon when he orders her to take time off.

Joe takes Haley to her favorite fast food joint, Hound Dogz and notices Haley light up while talking with Vanessa, an employee. Gordon later realizes that Haley has a crush on Vanessa.

Bosworth confesses to Diane that he lost $300,000 in a bad investment and that he enlisted Cameron to help build the search engine. Diane orders Donna to buy the algorithm from Cameron rather than reverse-engineer it. Sensing Donna’s inability to overcome her personal issues with Cameron, Diane tells Donna to get her life together.

Alexa Vonn offers to help Cameron work on a new project without interference or VC oversight. Cameron starts working on a new game in her Airstream.

Bosworth and Diane get married at City Hall.

Donna gets arrested for drunk driving and decides to take time off from work. While visiting Gordon, she tells Gordon that Rover’s traffic is outperforming Comet’s traffic, but theorizes that the key to winning the browser war is to keep users around, not move traffic.

Inspired by Donna’s advice, Gordon proposes to Joe that they transform Comet into a destination in itself. Joe and Gordon excitedly brainstorm ways to relaunch Comet as a site where users want to linger.

Diane tells Donna that she is planning to step back as managing partner and offers to back Donna as a replacement.

Underwhelmed by Cameron’s progress, Alexa suggests Cameron create software outside the gaming world.

Gordon passes away in his house. Joe and Cameron help Donna pack up Gordon’s belongings. Donna gets angry after discovering a stash of Joanie’s unsent college applications.

Donna tells Cameron that she finished “Pilgrim” and loved the ending. They reconcile. Cameron shares that Joe wants children, while she does not.

Joanie leaves for Bangkok to begin traveling abroad.

Bosworth receives a clean bill of health from the doctor.

Cameron helps Joe with the Comet relaunch. Joe convinces Cameron to also help integrate Comet into the infrastructure of Netscape. Cameron obtains a working copy of Netscape from Alexa, who reminds Cameron to focus on her own future.

Haley asks Vanessa out on a date. She bursts into tears after she’s rejected.

Diane again asks Donna if she wants the managing partner position. Donna laments to Cameron that she hasn’t had an original idea in a long time but ultimately decides to take the managing partner job. She returns to AGGEK and changes the name to Symphonic Ventures. She transforms the firm into a place that fosters collaboration and play.

Joe and Cameron discover that Netscape has already chosen Yahoo! as their net directory, beating Comet to the punch. As they reel from the news, Cameron ends their relationship. Joe shuts down Comet. Soon after, he runs into an old IBM colleague,who says he always admired Joe for being able to sniff out the next big thing in tech.

Cameron abandons her partnership with Alexa after realizing that Alexa was ineffective. She decides to hit the road in her Airstream and visit her mother in Florida. She stops by Donna’s house to say good-bye but sticks around to help Donna fix Haley’s computer after it malfunctions. She spontaneously suggests she and Donna work together again but backpedals when she sees Donna’s awkward reaction.

At a gala to promote women in the tech industry, Donna gives a heartfelt speech and calls Cameron her “best partner.” Later, Donna admits to Cameron that she has been wanting to work with her again for years but worries it might ruin their friendship again. They visit the empty Comet/Mutiny office and imagine what it would be like to start a new company together.

Moments before Cameron departs for her road trip, Donna approaches Cameron with a new project idea.

Joe returns to the East Coast and begins work as a humanities teacher at a prep school.