Season 1, Episode 4

Jim Lee / Rhett Reese / Paul Wernick

Kevin and Greg talk with the writers of Deadpool. Kevin later interviews DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee about Suicide Squad and DC's Rebirth.

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Full Recap

In the fan cave, Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg talk about seeing R-rated movies as kids before bringing out the writers of the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, Deadpool. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the two men behind the Mouth, talk about how they were on the set of the movie every day even though Sony wouldn't pay for them to be there. Turns out, the film's star Ryan Reynolds paid out of his own pocket for the writers to be on set, as he felt they were a core part of the project for the full 6 years it took to make the movie. Reese talks about some of the scenes that were cut out of the movie, including a segment of the holiday scene where Ryan would have worn a baby chick suit for Easter. Reese and Wernick reveal some breaking news that the two are working on the sequel to Zombieland. The two go deeper into how Bill Murray became part of the movie. After multiple actors turning down the celebrity cameo role, Woody Harrelson pulled some strings and got in touch with Bill Murray. Kevin asks Reese and Wernick if they've had any weird fan interactions because of Deadpool. Reese says that he and Wernick actually have the same doctor, who has a tendency to gush about the movie while delivering prostate exams. Wernick talks about how Deadpool is the first R-Rated Stan Lee cameo. "We wanted him to be somewhere that was the last place you'd find Stan Lee, but turns out it might be the first place you find Stan Lee, because he was very familiar," Wernick says. They laugh together while the writers read some raunchy lines they wanted to pitch for Stan Lee before chickening out. Later, Kevin sits down with Jim Lee, renowned comic artist and co-publisher of DC Comics. Lee reveals the inspiration behind DC's new line of comic books, Rebirth, which is a response to what the fans wanted. Kevin also asks about their new title, Suicide Squad. Lee pulls out a draft of a page he's working on now for Suicide Squad and shows Kevin his writing desk, which was one of the first desks he ever bought. Kevin remarks about how many worlds have been created on that desk. In the fan cave, Kevin and Greg, introduce their field correspondent, Tiffany Smith, who also hosts DC All Access. Tiffany tells the two of them that she recently visited Dapper Cadaver, a special effects house that specializes in creating corpses. "I had a weird balancing act of, 'This is so horrifying,' to, 'Holy crap these guys are so talented,'" she says. At Dapper Cadaver, Tiffany meets co-owner BJ Winslow. Winslow lists of some names of the shows and movies they've worked with: Gotham, Game of Thrones, Scandal, Deadpool, X-Men: Days of Future Past and more. Winslow gives Tiffany a tour of the workshop. Tiffany asks if there's anything Winslow geeks out about, and he says that when Jurassic World came looking for dinosaur bones, his inner kid was excited. Back at the fan cave, Tiffany recaps her adventures to Kevin and Greg. She brings them a grisly cadaver from the studio, and the two proceed to beat the faux corpse with its own limbs.